Early Access version 56


IA even liked this post I’ve linked so it’s correct.

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Not always. But if there has been any change to the settings (as for this version, when full screen was added), then your settings will be lost.


OK, so is it the same amount of keys for every weapon when upgrading? And how much is it? (sorry guys, I’m not very good with math :sweat_smile:) I have all weapons upgraded, so that’s why I don’t know.

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yolk cannot decide where to receive damage

I reported it before:

And this is what IA said:


Same link issue. When I click the link, the tab disappears right after opening and nothing is being downloaded (I can record if it’s needed). Copy-pasting link manually fixed it and file got loaded.


I think I found a error, in the mirrored versión of omnidirectional onsalught, the ship look to down direction when the wave already started, isnt supposed do that when the wave name appears? Because it did that very fast

Pff! Well, I updated the dowload topic just in case something was stuck in Discourse. No idea, really.

Fixed in v.57 :medal_sports: Bug


You could still keep this one as a upside-down variation of it.

It still looks cool.

Also could the tilt direction of comets change every wave? However this could apply only for Weekly Challenge.

I don’t if it’s a bug but the mirrored variation of “The Chicken Wobble” the gap at the bottom of the screen is bigger, like the enemies go up earlier.

At the mirrored variation of “Neckties are cool” the enemies the come from the right still appear at the top & enemies that come from the left still appear at the bottom like the original variation, should it be reversed?

Any chance for an uncapped or higher capped (240, maybe 300hz) frame rate option(s)?

Interaction studios why still the clipped wormholes are not still fixed?

Because some “simple” bugs have no “simple” fix.


Some waves I has idea can be mirrored or flipped variations: (if possible)

  • Wormhole from CI5.
  • Slice of Chicken Pie.
  • Serberkers.
  • Spin Class/ Spin Cycle.
  • Shape Shifters/ Whip into Shape.
  • Bundle o’ Chicks/ Bundle o’ Chickens.
  • Bullet Spray.
  • Fenced In.
  • Kick it like Beckhen.

What About Adding a Ping Meter, is that necessary?

Because this game depends on internet and from the online games, So can you add a ping meter to determine the strengh of the internet while we are playing in-mission?

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And a meter which shows the length of the wave?

In levels like berserkers, windshield wipers, rolling ball’ochicks/chickens, the fortress, on the radar etc. should NOT have this (meter) because enemies may enter but they don’t leave unless they are killed.

other waves like high-speed chase, spiral of doom, centipede, corridor shooter, swimming in space etc. should have this meter bcuz enemies enter and leave.

And I think it is useful.
Thanks for reading…

Hey iA, how about adding the visual thunder back?


which visual thunder?

C’mon mate, why things that i suggest is always has been suggested