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Does that mean it should be awarded for Retro/Comet/Supernova waves, too? Because technically, you’re not missing any food there.

My point is that it’s not really an achievement on a meteor storm wave. You can’t get appetite achievement for a stage if less than 10 items of food drop, so it seems odd that you can get it for a whole mission when the boss just drops a few right at the end.


The magnetic manipulator is the only one that can drop food in the meteor storm missions

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The Magnetic Manipulator boss drops up to 29 units of food at the end. Feather Brain included.

Henlley’s Comet and Bossa Nova AND Alien Mothership do not drop any, so that means you cannot collect ANY food to get the medal with at all. However, Henlley drops 4 gifts in total, and Alien Mothership gives 850,000 total score.

Consider the medal and food for Magnethicc and " haha Feather go Brrrrrrrrain" as a compensation for those mass amounts of score, considering those missions don’t give you more than (or enough to hit) 3,000,000 by the end of the mission. So the extra 10,000 from the medal really doesn’t hurt.


it is possible for sure

that’s a bonus

and the incoming chickens wave

Medals aren’t supposed to be just about the score, tho. Otherwise they’d all be worth more. It’s about achievement tracking, and I don’t think it’s really valid to be winning a mission-wide medal over a single boss fight.

I don’t mind that it gives the stage appetite reward - but it seems silly to give one for 90% during the “whole mission” when only one stage counts.

Feather Fields is fine because chickens spawn during the core waves, too.


They’re still lame rewards though. Maybe if they were requirements for tiering up, they would be worth something other than sentimental value. But other than that…nothing.

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So I’ve played Panzer Strike a lot of times and here’s what I have to say:

Even though I appreciate the accuracy to real life tank guns, having the gatlings fire only one egg in a volley makes them underpowered. How about making them fire like regular chick gatling guns aka 3 eggs in a volley.

I also think there should be more panzers since they’re rather easy to destroy. If possible, could there be a system to make the panzer count dependant on difficulty, eg: 4 on 50-75%, 5 on 75%-100%, 6 on 100-125% and 7 on 125%+ difficulty.

If this system can’t be implemented, can there be 6 total panzers instead of 4?
You can vote here for how many panzers you want to see in the Panzer Strike wave.

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

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As always, may the forks be with you all!

i can think we should keep at is because we might lose lives accidentally :man_shrugging:

The chicken boss from (its gets cold …) doesn’t have a psionic wave when die as if it vanished from nowhere :

Not Just like other bosses:

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it explodes, that’s why :||

I know so that why she need to have a blast wave

i am sure that exploding it, is resulting for this

Hm, what about a “Multi-Kill Insight”?

It’ll be more of a detail than a mechanic though, which shows the multi-kill bonus accumulating as you kill more and more to build it up. It will reset to 0 when you end the multi-kill streak.

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Mukti-kill timer when


this too

That was suggested before by me.

Hey iA, how about adding flipped version of “waving in the breeze” like chapter 11 of CI5?

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There’s a flipped version in chapter 11?

There’s no flipped version in ci5

Yeah I know but it’s somewhat similiar.