Early Access version 55.3

To make it harder to recognise the one with coin.


Do you think the “The Weakest / Strongest Link” wave should be flipped in the opposite direction?

It’s random like Droid Slalom/Giant Slalom.

hmm, if you spam pause and unpause, the audio (all of them) got rewinded back a bit.

Hehe spacecraft warping go stroke.

That’s a mess. It should be done like this

  • :bulb: Added mirrored variations of waves: “Shear Stress”, “High-Speed Chase”, “On the Radar”, “Surfing the Wave”, “Neckties are cool”, “Taking turns/Wait your turn”

With this the changelog is much shorter and it doesn’t look like you artificially increased it’s length.


So were you joking about the one above? But the mirrored variation is still a nice touch to the game, how about a upside-down variation too?

Yea, my name should be added once since I’m getting only one medal.

Even if you got more medals you can further improve it:

  • :bulb: Added mirrored variations of waves: “Shear Stress”, “High-Speed Chase”, “On the Radar”, “Surfing the Wave”, “Neckties are cool”, “Taking turns/Wait your turn” (TheChickenBoss128 :medal_sports: :medal_sports: :medal_sports: Idea ; gabytzu :medal_sports: :medal_sports: Idea)

(it would look better with the @ symbol in front but I don’t want to ping here)

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Yea, IA once did it with GgWw1175, he like 6 in a row.

Those were carefully tested by himself (or with Galba) compared to just “flip these waves, please.”

Unless you consider about the touchscreen users where some waves feels uncomfortable with such variation (Imma talk about this soon.)


Is there any reason why Interrupting a Trip is not possible when you’re below 1000 fuel? Seems very unnecessary to me.

Or at the least: Add it to the item description or hint.


Interrupting might leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, and this is a safeguard that you have enough fuel to make it to the closest star system.

1000 is the value that I roughly calculated for the fuel required in the worst case.


To be fair, interrupting a trip is something you have to do manually, so if you get stranded, it’s kind of the player’s fault and not the game’s.

Besides, I doubt people would really interrupt an off-roading moment, not to mention the “recent missions” which you can replay to get more keys. Why not reduce it to 200 fuel or remove the restriction? Should be enough to get to the closest star system if it’s 200.

And, well… Having such a high fuel restriction would make some players think the item was not even worth the keys, considering you do need like 135-180 keys worth of fuel to even use it at all.

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Can you check this one too?

To be honest, there is absolutely no way anyone can get stranded due to not having enough keys for something, because the Challenges and Space races exist, allowing you to amass enough keys to pay for what you need without having to go to planets, so the need to have reserve fuel necessary isn’t needed in my opinion since there is an infinite source of keys mid travel, so softlocks are practically impossible so the 1000 fuel requirement can be removed without any repurcussions.

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I just got the Extreme Appetite medal (the one for 90% in the whole mission) from a Meteor Storm mission - should that really be possible, since the boss is the only wave where food drops?


I’m sure yes.

Yes, it should be possible.

So you want it to be disabled?

It just seems weird to get a reward for collecting stuff when it’s only the stuff that the boss drops that counts to it.


But it’s your only chance to get the medal in this mission, that’s why it’s allowed.