Early Access version 55.3

The new tips are really interesting to read, the animations that shows in several tips are amazing, and you now can pause the game using other keys. This is one of the best update.

(oh wait did i mentioned that pausing your game at light speed can cause asthma?)


Where is the tutorial mission? I cant find it. Or is it only for new players available?



You can create a new account (but backup your data first)

Ah, Isee. Gatling Guns are a special case, so they behave differently than Chickenauts or other enemies. Sorry, can’t be changed.

What do you mean? It’s already done. Weeklies are hybrid missions.

Fixed in v.56 :medal_sports: Bug

Because implementation problems – your strobes aren’t visible in the galaxy.

The music in the main menu and in the galaxy is on two separate “layers”. When you click on “save the world”, the current music is saved, and is restored exactly where it was whenever you disconnect and return to the main menu.


I thought it’s a new type of mission like feather fields, squawk block, etc…
I’m talking about these:

So is it Weekly Challenge? Or there’s another type but the user is inaccessible?

Also I noticed that at “Asteroids” wave both hot&normal asteroids appear even if it doesn’t match with the environment, so could you them match with the environment? Like the hot asteroids at “Asteroids/Asteroids, no really” wave could appear at hot environments only.

Should there be a “Clean Sweep” at “From Cover to Cover”&“It’s the Mother-hen Ship!”?

And why Neutron Gun overheats faster since V55?

How about the mission background heat color change according to the sun color? It could be red, orange, yellow and light-blue.

How about Infinity Chicks from “Chicken Multiplicity” throw their orange projectiles at high difficulties?

2 things about “Merry go round” wave:

  1. there are positions where the player can’t grab a weapon gift.
  2. when destroying most of the enemies, could they go their way to the end of the screen? Like at squawk blocks where enemies go to the end of the screen first then go down.
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Why if the chickens does not escape from the screen


If the barriers count then there should be.
And if they’re UFOs too.

They changed the graphics menu. You can no longer adjust the screen resolution.
I used to have no problem and enjoyed the game before this update. Now I am losing waves and missions that I would have had no problem winning, but now my mouse and ship are not responsive enough. Please guys bring back the old graphics options!

If I understand the question correctly - Hybrid Missions are special types used only for the Weekly Challenge. Every Weekly Challenge is a “Hybrid” mission, but you can’t find Hybrid Missions throughout the galaxy.
You can double-check this by pausing during a Weekly Challenge. :wink:

That said, I’d be keen on seeing a few more ways to access missions like these.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I actually quite like the visual the way it is.


Can the “score” and mails “notifications” not visible in the “Greetings recruit” cutscene?
I find it annoying to watch

why would you look at your score and hear notifications when you just started and the tutorial didn’t start yet??



In my opinion, the glow effect should only be present for stars, not planets, with the starfield matching the atmospheric haze.

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I think the inference is that the “hot” planets are close enough to their respective stars to see such a glow, but that said, I do agree.

Is that a bug ?

The wave’s name : out of nowhere
You can do this too
TIP:just stay between two anomaly than this will happen

Why not bringing back these details:

Maybe each gift different one or the same .

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nope, it’s normal, your ship’s hitbox is big enough to touch 2 anomalies at the same time


What details? Downgraded graphics?

If you want that, then the same must be true with coins. But I find that it is only suitable for CI2 and CIU is not (effect of items being poop on mission completion)

Gifts collection

He meant the “circle” effect when he got the firepower.