Early Access version 55.3

That’s up to IA.

And also apparently You have the ability to not read things because I already responded to the same argument.

So how do you see it being a good visual detail without it being tied to boss health? Do the 3 bars just turn to red randomly?

No they won’t. Not every boss has these 3 green bars and it’s just a visual detail. If anyone reports that then he/she is delusional and shouldn’t be listened to.


It’s not necessary, 2 health bars is obviously enough, for every boss, no need for another one, and also leave this to IA

we have a theme Paint Option

It’s not necessary because? We already have 2 bars, but does this personally hurt you if just this one boss also has a small detail that is connected to his health?
We already have stuff that have distinct bars (barriers for example) so why boss shouldn’t have it?

Tell me how did you connect “theme paint” with “boss texture”?


literally i said leave this to IA, i already said my Opinion about it

Because this does not make sense for me

i meant the health bars

I have a lot of links of reports of the health indicator being duplicated since the release of the health indicator, here are some, for example:

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You can have your opinion, but if you present it in public then be ready to face criticism and defend your point.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense that a piece of armor that has visual info about systems available in it does in fact display visual info about systems in the armor (and the health of the user)

  1. henley comet doesn’t have any glowing buttons that can act as a visual info
  2. crazy squawker doesn’t have any glowing buttons that can act as a visual info
  3. not even related to the suggestion
  4. It’s literally your report so it doesn’t count as someone. (unless you refer to yourself at 3rd person, but then my point is proven)

And lastly:
This “health bar” only display 3 possible phases (100% = full health):
100% - 66% - 3 green buttons
65 - 33% - 2 green buttons, 1 red button
32 - 1% - 1 green button, 2 red buttons.
How is it that idea so simple and intuitive is receiving so much resistance?


The third link is a bug report mate. It isn’t nothing.

Well, i count it.

i don’t see this happen

no similarties :\

they both are diffrrent

it does , he reported it with reasons

But crabs have those glass things as health meter while Yolk bosses come red when health goes low. Why not if it looks cool + somewhat easy to do?


Doesn’t Count , it was made by IA

Because the screen will be filled with many details that aren’t necessary. That’s why i disagree.

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WDYM?! Like, ALL bosses were made by iA, what is the point here? I’m confused.

Small details which always has been here and nobody argued about them. Changing colour of thing which always was here won’t “fill the game with many details”.


Someone SUGGESTED another health bar for boss , not made by IA

because they were new !

Oh and now they old? Ok. (Note: this was irony)

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and you admitted it, no need

Ok, now I changed my mind because those details are also there in other bosses like the space crab and the yolk-star too and I completely forgot about these plus no one argued about these details in these other bosses too, Sorry. now I see your points. I just misread and went aggressive for absolutely no reason… @Tempest_ORM, your idea is good.


What even is this point? So many things are suggested by other people and I don’t see you replying to each and one of them “It’s unnecessary, it wasn’t made by IA”

Because they were added to games when there was no CIU forum. (and also you)

Great, now only those two left.

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Srsly guys, can you continue this at Chatting Place?

But its about an idea, so I think it’s on-topic.