Early Access version 55.2

Correct. The bug doesn’t affect competitive missions. Anyway, it’s fixed now.

Pro tip: When inverting ANDed boolean expressions, invert the whole thing, not just half of it.


I thought that the game would DC you if you’re using an outdated client, will check

Seems fine to me. This is v55.2

v55.1 and v55.2 are both accepted. Minor versions are considered compatible.


Yea, just looked at the client version and found that it was still 55.1, downloading the new version now

(i see, thanks IA)

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Wonder what v56 will be about. Maybe a new wave or boss?

Pasting this here just as a reminder for score values.


Is it just me or my mouse behaves odd? I haven’t had any problems with it back then. When I turned off Capture mouse option it works fine. I dunno, this could be a problem on my side but who knows?

When I try moving around by jerking my mouse, the cursor seems to just stop all of a sudden at points.

Yeah, the same thing happens to me as well. What’s the cause?

Do you have “capture mouse” on or off?

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Probably the new input engine.

Nice space interval :eyes:


I had it turned on. But it caused problems so I disabled it. It works fine when the option is off.

You mean the full justification? Meh, what can you do. :man_shrugging:

Ok will look into it.


This keeps showing up whenever I try to check one of my ships.

as proof:

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@InterAction_studios My mouse acts like this when the option is turned on.

You can clearly see how the ship movement “cuts”.
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Fixed in v.56 :medal_sports: Bug

Workaround: Use the help icon (bottom-right of that screen). This will make it stop appearing. This doesn’t work.

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Still appears even after that.

You’re right :frowning:

Workaround: Wait for v.56


@InterAction_studios how and why