Early Access version 55.2

Medal glints are there: Check.

Updated First Mission Message: Check. (I still think the 4th wave should use Pulsating Grid)

Clickable Environment descriptions: Check.

Correct wave progression in Retro: Check.


Wait, since when were these aliens weak to Fire?

EDIT: Nevermind. I realized I was using Tourist skill.

Controlling the hatchling is really unconfortable, wasn’t the new precision movement for bombers only?

No. It’s mainly for keyboard users. Precision movement key does not work for mouse movement.

Fixed in v55.2 :medal_sports: Bug


:warning: There is a game-breaking bug in v55.1 in which keys, food, and other items do not drop from enemies. Make sure you download the v55.2 patch from here: ⬇ Download Early Access


Forgot the :
Also check this post too if possible.

Hm. The mission factors show up before the values show up.

This was done by design because some optical mice have imprecise sensors and they jitter around even when left stationary. Sorry, can’t fix.

This is because there are two separate layers for gifts (this is how the “tone down effects” can raise gifts above explosion).

Yes. I thought that was a better approach.


Not too sure about this. Seems to play as soon as the game starts for me.

That last round bracket shouldn’t be there (Found by @matix524)

Fixed in v.56 :bug:


I was just about to post that here lol
but thanks anyway, I guess

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I have no clue how the ribbon is supposed to shine

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It’s made out of Reflectium™.

It’s just a pixel-based effect. Storing material information would be too much hassle for too little payoff.


Fair enough.


Can confirm that some waves have chickens that do not drop food normally, zero food drops on Merry Go Round as well. Some waves do work for some reason though, will try to make a list of what does and does not work

(oh no the gif is tiny dang it)

Did you download v55.2

Correct. The bug doesn’t affect competitive missions. Anyway, it’s fixed now.

Pro tip: When inverting ANDed boolean expressions, invert the whole thing, not just half of it.


I thought that the game would DC you if you’re using an outdated client, will check