Early Access version 54

One reason that egg barrier’s okay on Do Not Cross is that it has a wider area and the player is less likely to go under it.

Rotating parts at the Mysterious Ship would be nice, like on the UCOs. I really don’t like it as a static sprite.

The Iron Chef and the Space Crab need not to.

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Iron chef could have the arms of the u.c.o but, It doesn’t count as remastered so it hasn’t fully re-designed

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What I mean is that the saucer part of the UCO rotates.

The Mysterious Ship needs a redesign, imo. Unless it is intentionally made as a metal egg, like those egg barriers.

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I thought the implication was that it’s a rebuilt Mother Hen Ship from CI2, hence the metallic hull and the surrounding attack pattern, combined with the sporadic movement.

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I noticed when i play any mission in any planet thunder the thunder must be in the wave only and we know there are 2 or 3 seconds between wave and wave and thunder not happen in this 2 or 3 second but why?

lightnings are enemies, and they can only occur within waves (in fact, one of the bugs is that too frequent lightning can hold up the wave and prevent it from ending.
Early Access version 53


okay i don’t know thanks @qbus371

Oh by the way, will UCO be painted some day or they are flying on prototypes and this gray metal base is going to stay as it is?

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After defeating the boss and implementation of the speed of light , I see the name of the boss wave is still remain when I pause the game

Is it possible to replace the boss wave’s name with a dash “_” (like when starting a mission) after the boss is defeated and implementation of the speed of light ?

@InterAction_studios can quadrilateral layouts (wave) join new system of barriers (The irreversible barriers)

@InterAction_studios :

  1. Could the random lightnings depend on mission difficulty? Because I could see 2 or 3 ones at very easy missions, also sometimes the wave won’t end until they end first.

    Also could they have effects on enemies/bosses too?

  2. I suggest adding environment/darkness modes at anniversary mission, where player could have the ability to add darkness to the mission and a planet environment too and they will get bonus buff in return, but I think the electric environment should be the most one with bonus buff.

  3. Could there be a “ask for confirmation” at “fly again” button?

  4. Why isn’t there enemies in eggs at “Do Not Cross” wave like in CI4?

  5. Could the zoom-out version of “Shape Shifters” be added?

  6. Can Military Chicken have multiple colours, like at CI5?

  7. Could Satellite Stock, Tribute, High Irregular and the first Alien Container wave(which has enemies in it) be added?

Literally 5 posts above:

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@InterAction_studios as BoredCelestial mentioned, remove the toxics in On the Radar!

I died 2 times to them :frowning:


Better make it slower instead. It’s actually manageable by firing enemies at the same direction the anomalies are pointing. video when

Well, I mean you can take it slow. But if it appears on Space Race or something, this can pose a problem.

Still, I suggest at least slowing down the radar slightly or something

Also, a quick suggestion: Can you make it so that equipped items tell you which ship it’s equipped to?


It happened when I paused on Showe’em Who’s Boss:


Yes I see that yesterday and I think it is a bug

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Eye black body and foot
Really strange and creepy

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click screenshot mode pls i wanna see


yup, I got it but with Sweater Chicken: