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Sorry, wrong word used

This is what I’m talking about, the closer to overheating, the weaker (i.e. red), increasing your firepower at the same time, but not damage, only visual color for better effect.

Well, I know, you don’t have to say anything, but the weapon called Lightning Fryer, not Electricity Fryer, right?

I will not give my age to anyone, but know that I am not a child, I am nice, it does not mean that I am cheerful, I comply with the Forum’s regulations, besides, you do not know anything about my childhood is not your business, let’s end this discussion.

And I thought realism was invalid in this game.

The color may be golden? And I don’t like blue if that’s the subject.

Popcorn shooter when overheat dont have effect on feather .


Are you saying when its in overheat the popcorn doesn’t push the feathers? This is what I understood from your context.

Yes doesn’t push.

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Well that’s intentional, since this weapon is the only weapon that doesn’t overheat in the game, that’s why the popcorn doesn’t push the feathers, only the kernels. otherwise it would be easy and unbalanced when you keep on shooting even with overheat since you’d be pushing the feathers forever.

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Have you thought how would you balance that compared with other weapons? like suggesting values

In fact, it’s just a visual addition, not modifying the damage value.

Since we have anomalies in this boss, shouldn’t it also include the hitbox of his head?


It’s already identifiable by faster sound though. Color changes would make it inconsistent with weapons like Boron Railgun and Photon Swarm.

Then let’s finish the Lightning Fryer topic. You forgot Vulcan Chaingun.

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I only gave examples. Vulcan is different and has angle modification instead.

I’m pretty sure the firing sound doesn’t get faster when using overdrive. It gets sped up the more chains there are.
And yeah, beams should probably get some visual indicator of overdrive being engaged. Though red lightning is probably too much of a change, and it should be something that would work on all beams without significant differences.


Isn’t firing rate the one that gets faster when using overdrive?

(I mistook it as firing sound, it’s the # of sounds made at a time.)

Yes, but the firing sounds for beams (Lightning, Plasma, Positron) are loops. This means that they don’t get re-triggered every time the weapon fires, but only when they end.


You mean its individual chips, I assume. Fixed in v.54 :medal_sports: Bug

That’s expected (@marksam123 explains why)

Any modification, no matter how minute, counts as a change.

Fixed in v.54 :medal_sports: Bug

Changed in v.54 :medal_sports: Idea


No, I meant the yolk.

I noticed that Feather Brain doesn’t have any weaknesses or strengths. Why not make it weak to something like Fire or Electric?


Metal is different from lightning. Here’s a heat color temperature chart for stainless steel, a sample metal which can substitute for whatever metal is used in Vulcan Chaingun:

As you can see, blue falls at just above the 300 degree mark, while red is from 649-816 degrees. The overheat design makes sense.

Lightning (the phenomenon), on the other hand, works differently. What we witness as the phenomenon of lightning, is, in fact, plasma (fourth state of matter), which is the same material as in stars. This is a very simplified explanation and is not to be used as a frame of reference. Here is a Hertzsprung-Russel chart, depicting the luminosity and temperature of stars.

As you can clearly see here, red is cooler, while blue is hotter. Since Fryer in its current form has bluish-white lightning, the only option is blue, if you want to reflect heat level by color.

And there would not be an iota of difference in the working of the weapons or the rules of physics that govern them. Lightning is a form of static electricity that does not function any different from regular static electricity. Although red lightning is a thing, I think that’s enough science for today.

Read this:

The color can’t be golden. Also Lightning Fryer is already whitish blue.


Ok, removed from Yolk, too.

Or both. Actually, it was already weak to “metal”. I added “fire”. Changed in v.54 :medal_sports: Idea