Early Access version 52

It’s on Corridor Shooter, as what I remember. Although I moved my mouse too fast at that time.

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@InterAction_studios What about this?

Is it possible that you killed the Egg Cannon and all small chickens immediately disappeared just before your projectiles actually hit them?

Moot. Bosses no longer have HUD health bars.

The anomalies are very close together on that wave, so it’s possible you ping-ponged between two of them.


No, the progress meter was at 78% only. Plus, with “but when I killed him” I meant the glowing chicken, not the Egg Cannon.

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May I know when we will get the next update? In how many days?

Can we make it so that Slobs only do their bullet attack on death? Just to make them more fair, really.


Since Planets properties can affect missions now shouldn’t the frozen planets also have an effect in missions
Example: Decreasing HOT weapons damage by 15%

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They can’t now. They will in v53. Also I think it’s much better to actually let frozen planets reduce your weapons overheat. Kylo-Hen said it best:

Is there something inherently wrong with an environment that helps the player in some way?
What happens when you sell your heat shield whille orbiting a hot planet?

  1. How about Slobs dropping their clothes after losing 50% of their health?
  2. Can we have a toxic cloud on the screen on the Gas Giants similar to the Toxic Chickens release? (Just like a frozen screen in the wasteland).
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I think this was mostly avoided as some weapons could never overheat then, making it abusable by autofarming bots or smth, but now that corn exists, I could see it happening - an effect that benefits the player could be pretty healthy for the game as it could potentially get new players out of “spawned in a hard area” situations.


So. Let’s check if there is any demand. I would like to have a special mission with them.

Do you want IA to create a special mission with all new waves?

  • Yes
  • No

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I had encountered all the new waves although not on all difficulty variations. Probably when a new set of waves come, then this would suffice.

I meant that the life bar does not disappear on egg cannon cannon cannonade once the small explosion part comes before the egg cannonade explodes completely. On the henterpirse, it disappears once the small explosion part comes before it explodes completely. If you still don’t understand me, Here are the videos showing the difference (I hope you understand what i mean):

There’s no need for the mini-healthbar to be moved if bosses will no longer have those in the first place.

I mean the life bar does not disappear once the small explosion of egg cannonade comes. Henterprise has the life bar disappearing immediately after the small explostion part comes.

You suggested it to be removed on bosses, right? Why fix when it will be removed eventually?


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@InterAction_studios The yolk star come only from up and down and the egg cannon from right and left .Can you make them come from all directions sometime ?
Witch The yolk star will come sometime from right or left and the egg cannon from up or down.

I can’t imagine fighting the Yolk-Star™ with 7 turrets horizontally.

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There will no space to move. Don’t forget the laser gets wider the farther it travels.

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