Early Access version 51

Really? Because I used 3 jets and my legendary BX-9 still ain’t the fast, should I sell it and buy another one?

If you want to, ok.

I had it since September 29 and also it’s not that easy to find another one.

Why only 3? what about trying 10 (which is the max amount you can equip)? and tell us the results.

If you’ve bought it in the previous year, then they won’t be affected, so yeah, sell it and buy another one.

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:scream: just like the Satellite thing, huh?

Well, yes…

This is already fixed, but won’t take effect until the galaxy is regenerated at the end of EA.

Right. It’s a special case because it never overheats, so overdrive would be a strict advantage.

Fixed in v.52 :medal_sports: Bug


What if a spacecraft releases Dust/Smoke Every time a weapon is Overheated?


Are you suggesting this just because the Coolant does that?
But it sounds like a good idea.

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@InterAction_studios is this a bug?

Seems like ion blaster didnt changed, its intentioned, right?

what hasn’t changed? :thinking:

Also, in the galaxy map screenshot, you can cancel it by pressing any button

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Ion blaster was the the only weapon that had 50%+ overdrive fire rate in v50
Untesti,neutron,laser cannon had 100%+
Overdrive fire rate and they have been changed to match the ion blaster’s 50%+
So ion blaster wasn’t changed


The Ask for Confirmation option if it is disabled didnt have to show this:

Or its fine how it works?

Im still in one

But if you already know that, then, sorry


If it’s going to be fixed, then people can accidently quit the game by pressing ESC.
But I am not sure if it’s a bug or not, since people can accidently quit the game. that’s why there’s confirmation.

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The people who use “Ask for Confirmation” the option should appear, but in my time, i wasnt using it and i still receiving the confirmation of quit

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This is what happens when you click cancel during v51