Early Access version 44

It seems similar with the gift of vulcan chaingun… maybe whould creat a little confusion!!!
maye could be the time to change evan the vulcan chaingun gift and a suggestion would be and light blue

I have a suggestion, as it is from before: HUD slots.

You know, HUD templates, besides the default one. Make it so you have 4 unlocked slots from the beginning and if you want to save a HUD template on an extra slot, spend 100, 150 or 200 keys, and you can save up to 12 HUD templates, excluding the default one. From there, you can select an HUD template of your wishes. Might as well add the “replace” and “delete” functions as well. Perhaps we can buy HUD templates themselves as well, mainly the ones that are the most popular, resemble editions or resemble weapons.


can we name the hardpoints?

Unfortunately no

He mean can we rename hardpoints?

When we use the trash can to revert the Additive Magic value to “enabled” it doesn’t gain a checkmark
When we try to change the value again, it doesn’t gain the checkmark as well (because we then switch to the “disabled” value)

Maybe I am blind, but there are 2 spaces instead of one after “dodge” word.


Nope, you aren’t blind. I can see there are 2 spaces, really.

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Yep, there’s an extra space there.

Question: Does Bullet Spray Condensers and Expanders effect Absolver Beam’s thickness?

Why the ion blaster’s weak bullets still deal 150 dmg instead of 165 dmg?


I second what marksam said. It seems you forgot to implement that change and Ions still deal the same amount of damage. Are you going to release v44.2 to fix that or would you rather wait 'til the next update?

Edit: When using Plasma Rifle on Trapped in the Crossfire (and other waves that use these beams), the beams’ sound effect stops.


Messing around

(I used Cheat Engine to make the trail get deleted but don’t fade :slight_smile: )


Magnificent. Such a glorious trail it is.


I used Cheat Engine to make the trail gets deleted instead of fading


Fixed in v.45 :medal_sports: Bug

I forgot to make the change to the code (I only updated my spreadsheet :confused: ). It will have to wait until v.45 :medal_sports: Bug

Turns out, fix wasn’t correctly applied in v.39. Fixed in v.45 :medal_sports: Bug

Acknowledged, will fix.


:bug: (v.39 wasn’t properly fixed) Fixed bug: Laser fence sound (e.g. “Caught in the Crossfire”, “Electrifying Descent” waves) is overwritten by Plasma sound (@Sufi :medal_sports: Bug)

:bug: Fixed bug: Laser fence sound (e.g. “Caught in the Crossfire”, “Electrifying Descent” waves) is overwritten by Plasma sound (@Sufi :medal_sports: Bug)

the bug report is duplicated on changelog

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It was “Fix incomplete”

oh ok, maybe i misunderstood.

If the black colour completely hides the Strobe Lights and Laser Scope, why is it an option in the colouring menu? (it should still be available for the advanced colour menu though, as it controls transparency which is really nice IMO)

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