Early Access version 41

You haven’t notice this? The number of knives that military chicken throws depends on the difficulty

Wow, i never got noticed of this! Lol

Just to clear it up a little for you:
You mean 3 knife throws. Each throw has 2 knives, so that’s why you said 6.

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Oh, i know that, i thinked what that was a new tweak :(, i was cheated

Armored Chickens clearly have a chicken inside, but they neither spawn a chicken when they are destroyed, like UFO chickens, nor do they drop any food, like Chickenauts. The same is true for Chick Gatling Guns, they neither spawn a chick, nor drop food.

Is this because they are fully mechanized, like the U.C.O. which only drops coins despite it being piloted by a chicken?

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Already Suggested
This is the link:Simple idea - #3 by SonicCrazyExe

I think current version of Military Chicken, even it’s a bug, it feels more challenging than before. Please don’t change it (or at least for higher difficulty keep it like that) :grinning:

It feels more dynamic.

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You aren’t the only one here. With some refinements and adjustments like making it always throw two or even three pairs of knives (4-6 total) and always dropping grenades after throwing knives, this new version of the Military Chicken could be an awesome boss.

Idea: Muller M412 [insert name here]
Satellites: 6
Exhaust: 3
Slots: 20
Role: Interstellar cargo transport
Description: [insert description here]

gonna bump my post, since i have a feeling it could have been missed. just in case.

@InterAction_studios Is this a bug?
I played Hend Game with 120 Anniversary music. When it die ,the music stop halfway, too. (sorry,no videos) while other bosses are not like that

I also want to quote myself and add more information: For that particular mission, during Chicken Exponentiality, Henperor’s health is 33.33% after it dies, so using division (subtracted from 100%) the health of Special Forces and Special Needs would be exactly the same as Henperor’s health, that means they take an unnecessarily long time to defeat.

I think Special Forces and Special Needs should have their health significantly reduced for being a smaller boss, or increase Henperor’s health and decrease Special Forces and Special Needs health accordingly if you want to keep it balance.

I don’t Replace it except in the easy missions

Can we add beta music? It sounds good.(yes i listened to it)


1- There’s a typo on the Mounts Screen.
Look at the screenshot for better understanding:
It should be:
You can’t mount more than 1 unit simultaneously.

2- The “Unmount all” button can be clicked even when all items are unmounted.
Is it necessary to have it clickable?

3- Is this intended?
That you nerfed fork’s strong bullet’s dmg to 375 instead of 400?

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Known, fixed in v.42

Yes, it’s nerfed because of WBP

When using Absolver Beam to destroy a UFO Chicken/Chick the part of the UFO still falls, it’s supposed to get destroyed too, just like how coward chickens when destroyed by Absolver Beam it doesn’t show a projectile.

It’s Intended

Using beam to deal with ufos is troublesome.