Early Access version 31

It is even worse when the cowards chickens are outside the bubbles:

Even with UP it takes much longer than it should and doing this kind of level without a weapon that has spread is almost impossible.


УРАААА! Работает! Working, chm…
True, I foolishly lost all my progress, but I can avoid the stupid mistakes that were at the beginning of the journey! Watch out, evil space invaders!
Update: Thank you for the festive mood! I hope the update will not be soon, Christmas is celebrated on January 7 in Russia, and these days it’s a good cause to play Chicken Invaders. Moreover, there is no snow on the street…

@InterAction_studios. I lost my progress just a while ago when I formatted my laptop. The thing is, I forgot to do the usual backing up my progress procedure, and thus I didn’t have a backup file to restore my progress. Can you help me get my progress back? My username is Test Pilot #2002.

Edit: I’ve made a new account with the username Test Pilot #02. Is it possible to transfer the progress from my old account to the new one?

Edit 2: I’ve found my old CIU file, I’m so sorry to bother you but I genuinely thought that I lost my CIU progress. It turns out that before I made a partition in my hard disk, I had moved my game progress to an external hard disk. This case is resolved.

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Y don’t u just use barbequer?

TBH In the video i didn’t use the barbequer because I wanted to show just how slow that level is compared to some normal bubble bath level and I hardly ever use satellites, I save them for hard missions such as pulsating grid or chicken roulette.

Fixed in v.32

:medal_sports: Bug


I found a bug, the theme of ci2 is from the regular remastered version of ci2. There is a chrismas remastered version of ci2 with chrismas music’ you could put ci2 theme chrismas music

That’s not a bug and too bad, all Christmas music will be removed next update

Please apply a lot of colors to the laser. I love the green color of the laser.

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This is actually a good idea. To be able to change the colour of the Laser Scope from your ship.

Coloured harpoints!



why is tourist more expensive than rookie.

Because Rookie is default difficulty


And add feather level.

Happy New Year


Happy New Year everybody :partying_face:


@InterAction_studios i am trying to face slob chicken but i have not yet faced what kind of waves are in it

Server will crash for testing purposes. Will be back up in <1 minute.

@Kingskeleton I don’t know, it’s all random.


Are berserk chickens only available in chick form? Will there be their chicken variants?

Also I have an idea to make this breed could appear in any difficulty, make their “berserk” movement speed based on the difficulty, so in low difficulty they will still move around but not that “berserk” and in higher difficulty they will outrageously go “berserk” like in CI2 (that speed was hilarious). Nonetheless, I still think in very low difficulty (like 40% below?) they should not appear.