Early Access version 30

So is it possible to add him to contacts using search or do you need to find him first in the galaxy view?

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Could we have a properly working volume slider in the settings ? I find myself changing the volume of the game a lot and spam clicking on the buttons all the time is annoying


Nice.Well,I can’t report bugs since I can’t play.
(Not accessibility issues,mind,my computer is still undergoing repairs.)

Currently performing some server crash testing. If you’re disconnected, just reconnect.


Oh. Good to know, thought that my router is trolling me again.

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The download link topic(Download Early Access) got unpinned for whatever reason. Is it unpinned for anyone else? Because I don’t even have the option to pin it again and some other people also say that it’s no longer pinned. @InterAction_studios , can you please check this?

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Happy 1st birthday CIU!


:open_mouth: wow cool :frowning: too bad i dont have it

Well, uh…this happened.
It was in the space race. Not sure how, but it happened.


Hi @InterAction_studios, asking here. Is it possible to maintain 100% size scale while the play area is bigger than the screen? So that we fight Henterprise and it feels really BIG and we have to goes to most left and most right to see every part of it, and the screen will follow our position.

@anon27929001: The topic had been unpinned (it’s possible I made a mistake when pinning it and said it should expire in one year?). Now it should be pinned forever.

As for your screenshot… huh :thinking:

@Akemisora: It could technically be done, I suppose. But it would mean that you will no longer have complete situational awareness, and you’d have to constantly scroll left/right to see everything.


Yeah…the barbequers are completely invisible, aside from the ammo shown.
It showed up again once it started spinning, but it seems that this particular sprite became invisible for whatever reason.
This was only temporary, though. Not sure how it happened

Just got the birthday medal :partying_face:


Y O U T H O U G H T: " Easy Boss" B U T, 6 EGGS change your mind


so after some time (months)without playing the game for some real life situation(I became a father :heart_eyes:) in this days I just start from where I left and I really enjoy spend some time with chicken invaders again!!! and I was thinking that something is missing from the game!!!
Let’s see …there are new kind of chicks, new bosses, new kind of missions, new spacecrafts,new superweapons,…and the list can go more and more and more…what’s is missing??? @InterAction_studios …yes you have one “to do” list and that list will be done when it’s done …but in my OPINION I think that the time has come to introduce some new weapon/weapons :slightly_smiling_face:… or at least considering to introduce some legacy weapon like the origina neutrogun or the original ionblaster.
so what do you think @InterAction_studios


Fixed in v.31 :medal_sports: Bug


“-” what is mean ? Hidden Player (without paid nickname), or Banned player


That’s a player who hasn’t yet bought a callsign.


Added in v.31 :medal_sports: Idea

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  • :new: Game now uses Christmas Edition music tracks whenever possible (temporary change)
  • :new: Added falling snowflakes to title screen (temporary change)
  • :new: Swapped Chistmas Edition faces on some chickens (temporary change)

I see that CIU is going to have a christmas theme for some time. How long though? Until the end of this year?