Early Access version 28

I’m sure IA do test bug fixes first before releasing it on public.

Not if they can’t reproduce it. And may I remind that there were many bugfixes that were meant to destroy looped sounds.

How about a medal for playing all Key Rush missions available?

Well ofc there’s always some bugs that are unnoticeable until tested by the players :thinking:. And those bugs are surely specific on a particular part of the game.

This bug was so persistent because (i) I couldn’t reproduce it locally and (ii) it was the sound library’s fault and not the game’s fault as such.

But I’m optimistic it’s finally been squashed.

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How to write Emoji:

Turn on On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10


That’s what this game was truly missing.

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Wait, can we already find Key Rush missions on planets, or we only have the test mission for now?

No, only inbox mission for now.


:new: Added “Looped sounds mode”. Every sound loops. Forever.

You win.


Is this some kind of April Fools joke? (assuming the full game is released in April 1, 2020)

It can be a tradition like in older versions of MineCraft

-removed herobrine


Lenny Face unavailable, because some symbols is ☐


Are you a bomber main?

I hope not.

Yeah, but i will buy additional ship

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Oooh I noticed one–The Space Crab 2.0 holds its suns for a while in a random arm.If this is a bug don’t remove it cos it adds a challenge element to the game.

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Happened to me one time.

here’s me hoping that was just a joke