Early Access version 26


Do you accept the challenge? xd

I’d like to, except whenever I move the mouse towards the game window it just bounces back to the center of the screen. Can’t click it at all.



I’d think it’s best to give the Appetizer a small score penalty on using this on mission. Using this, food collection rate would be greatly higher giving a slight boost in score compared when not using this. And the “actual effort” of catching these food items will almost be lost.

…or maybe disable getting “Medal of Great Appetite Achievement” when using this?

What are we missing from CI3 besides the UFO chase (that has little difference with Shoot and Scoot) and baloon chickens? CI3 and especially CI2 are really square in terms of waves. That’s why CI4 was a huge thing for me, and CI5 made it even more awesome.

Also that’s the reason why I’m suggesting new mission layout for artificial moons, to give the game more variety in both waves but also a visual difference.

EDIT: Maybe we can have back the 360º chickens? Pleeeeeeeeeaase?

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egg drones :v


yes i miss egg drones :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe new missions (unique, not from previous part of CI) !?

I will try to cause this and will make stream.

Should it be smaller?

Ok i did it


The 360º chickens, have a lot of animation frames and IA will not bring them back because of this.