Early Access version 26

Well true, the one who came up the idea first should have been awarded. There’s many stuffs that might have been forgotten.

The food magnet has been on the list long before anyone suggested it. Still, if anyone can claim first suggestion on this forum, they’ll receive the medal.

@Traveller: looking into it. Fixed in v.27 :medal_sports:


One complaint about the bomber family: While using the Plasma Rifle, the weapon fires two beams, and if those two beams kill two enemies, it makes Pecking Order bonus where those two enemies were killed unobtainable, regardless of the placement of the chickens and the distance of the beams.

Just came back to home and tried to play with heavy bomber. When we die, cursor comes invisible and then suddenly pop-up when we re-enter screen. I think cursor should be visible even if we died (before last live).


Actually, what I don’t think anyone even thought of… Discord integration!
Now I don’t think this should be big. I feel like what could be nice would be your in-game status. When out of mission, it could say outer space and/or the planet name once you park. When you launch a mission it would say it’s name under your profile (Davoid is now flying Interactive Fuzzball), and also mission time.
I don’t know how hard it is to get this done with Discord and all, but I think it could be a nice side addition later on.
That is if you don’t have to sign away your soul to Discord or something.

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I would also suggest steam integration.

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Does Steam also have a similar system now? Then sure

It’s not even 1 year old, but yes.

Oh nice!

I suggested it 8 months ago :v


Now that’s a big oof on my part. But coolios

But Steam wasn’t so it’s good that Davoid made his post. Also, that’s dumb on my part too because I created collection of ideas liked by IA and your topic was present there.

epic bruh moment

  • Bonus waves are now rarer (3x, used to be 4x)

IA, please make it 1x. Or even 2x.

I think 3x is sufficient. Consider that it’s also penalized to 1/5 every time it appears (previously, it wasn’t penalized at all).

Play it in v.27 and let me know if it still appears too often.


It would be even better if generator could only pick 1 unique mission in every weekly challenge. So, every level is different. There are enough levels, right?

For 90 regular waves? Barely. It would mean that you play through all waves, just in a different order each time :roll_eyes:

I see currently there are 130 wave templates, but 30 of them are variations.

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Alright, I suppose this can wait for the time when CIU has more waves.

So right now we have nearly all the regular waves from last 2 episodes (CI5 - has 70 regular waves (not counting planetary, bosses and corn) , CI4 - 60 regular waves (not counting feathers, supernova, retro, droids, alien containers and bosses)). That’s good, but what if the random generator could also pick not-regular waves? It could spice things up.

Anyway. Will we still get the CI3 and CI2 levels in the future or are they scrapped?

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This just happened. I didn’t touch anything, just entered the game and alt tabbed.