Early Access version 26

But it’s just the one mission to give you a try if you would like to play with the bomber family because it has more interesting mechanics (slower engine). There’s no need for more missions exclusive to 1 spaceship type.

However there should be a way to playtest everything in the shop before buying it first, but for that we need a training mode or level editor.

Hopefully the latter is true.

Which it isn’t.

OMG so cute!!

No, not satellites ON by default! 99% of my completed missions also give me the One Man Army medal. Instead display tutorial messages at the bottom of the screen after stage completions like previous games (definitely someone suggested this before).


Sorry, but this helps beginners. You just need to manually turn auto-fire OFF in the options, that’s not such a big burden, is it?

Apologies for having to do this on each new version during Early Access. In the ‘official’ game these options will be upgraded automatically.



In preparation for exiting Early Access, changes made from here on out will be primarily focused on beginners. “Noob October” is coming. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


by the way @InterAction_studios it seems that nobody …or everybody forgot about yesterday…
yes yes…happy annyversary CIU forum 1 year full of surprises and full of succes I think :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
and speak of annyversary lets talk about annyversary mission I think that is missing somethink one detail.,it should be awarded a medal for those who complete the annyversary mission one single medal…not about time not about highscore all about celebrate your creation mister @InterAction_studios all about celebrate the chicken invaders series!!!


Please use more punctuatuion. I’m not hating, it’s just a friendly hint. But all that you said indeed.

Dear… god…
Improvements for casual play and not the extreme fans? How dare!

(Also when new difficulties ;( )

I know you were sarcastic but… POLL
Do you consider yourself a beginner?

  • Yes
  • No

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Im gonna say now the poll will be heavily skewed in one direction.

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What do you mean? I don’t quite understand,people on the internet are always 100% honest when it comes to this kind of stuff/s.

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Ok I absolutely love what you did in the pool, iA!


I play since Revenge of the yolk release but compared to others I am a beginner.
(I ruinded a bit the poll results)

I play since CI1, and I still kinda suck. Although, i won’t die anymore in CI2, i can still die in CI3 or CI5, cuz my hand goes crazy all the time (that counts for CIU aswell lol)

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Well, if the game won’t satisfy beginners (new to the series, new to shoot 'em up genre) they’ll just quit and find other similar games.

The game itself tries to satisfy most players (not all, of course cause).

Also, happy anniversary to the forum.

Especially when beginners are having good things , ships, keys , very much fuel and one day they lost it all, CIU data, pc data, everything. I guess i can say they won’t play this game for a looong time then when they came back, this happens again. This is beginners “mistake” and also mine. And when they come back for real they will quit the game forever (probably) seeing so many good players around and never start it. Like what i am gonna do of i won’t get my acc back

That attitude of yours is bad, lemme tell you that and I hope it just restrains to games. Never give up.

Meanwhile, I have the same attitude and give life tips to people.