Early Access version 25

time is money :smile: definitely won’t be free :slightly_smiling_face: at least i don’t like the idea

I know that this will be (and maybe is) an unpopular opinion but for me the anniversary mission should allow only Ion blaster as a weapon… like the original
(How to doge asteroids with the “old” controls?)


yes ion blaster like in old times

I was also a bit disappointed, cuz I assumed only ion blaster will be available.

Big Chicken #214748363 died for our sins


Thanks a lot for the medal!

The anniversary mission looks great so far! I mean, I only played one wave, but still!

And yes, when I took that screencap, I decided to use my “True World Savior” spacecraft (recreation of the CI1 spaceship)

My only complain so far is that the chickens in this mission have yellow comb and wallets, where as in the original game they were red

Not entirely sure if you could change this for JUST this mission type (and leave the rest the way they are), but it’s something I wanted to point out (in fact, it has been like this ever since the asset was added to the game)


EDIT: Another thing, I noticed that the chickens in waves X4, X5, X7 & X8 have blue vests, in the original game they were pink, and the blue vests were only used in waves X1 and X2
Not a major nitpick, but can this be changed, please?


So this boss has blind spots on the bottom left and right corner… but it has an extra attack to make up for this, so staying at the corners won’t work.

The new red beam attack on the Henterprise’s last phase can be exploited. It wastes a lot of time on it and it doesn’t fire the purple lasers while doing it. Can something be done with it? @InterAction_studios

By the way, could you add the CI1 Big Chicken to Boss Rushes? While it uses the vertical lock mechanic, I don’t think it would be affected by it as badly as the Master Squawker. Also, why isn’t the CI1 Theme (or rather the CI Medley) available for purchase?

EDIT: As a suggestion, could the stage transition part be modified for this mission? I think it would be better without the hyperspace background and the music stopping.


hey @InterAction_studios is the Big Chicken #214748363 gonna be into the boss rush mission?? also the music theme would be purchasable into the shop?
same ideas :nerd_face:

It is weird. For me Big Chicken was behaving differently each time I fought him. For example #10 didn’t have any weakspots whatsover, because it was often trying to ram the ship. But #11 was only flying from left to right and I was able to defeat him by simply staying in left down corner for the entire bossfight.

Welp, big laser shouldn’t stop purple beams from firing. That would be an easy fix, unless it breaks the game in some way.

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There are 5 different patterns the boss uses, and they repeat throughout the mission.
1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 1 > 2
However I can’t tell you exactly how each one behaves…
1 left to right to left
2 same but when going left it goes down in the middle
3 same but quicker recovery from the middle lunge and goes right quicker
4 from left to right slowly decending to right corner then going to the middle and doing reverse U move ending up somewhere atop right, then going left, descending to left corner…
5 left to right but when going right it lunges at you twice, once a little left of middle and once a little right of middle

I really hate the 4th pattern. It gives you very little safe space.

EDIT: Here’s some quick visual help:


why i cant see the ranks numbers in anniversary mission leaderboards ?

That explanation was very good. I appreciate your work on this post. I also hate the 4th pattern. About the weakspot… Something has to be done with the pattern nr1, because it has true safe zone in corners.

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Why does the anniverſary miſſion with SSH only count as “hard”? It feels more like a “very hard” miſſion to me.


@Traveller I agree, the base multiplier should be +300% and this is definitely an elite mission.

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No, I don’t think it’s elite. Juſt very hard.

It is a lot harder than some of the elite missions I have played so I don’t know. One thing is sure, it is definirelly not “hard”.

It’s a bug: The mission’s duration was (mistakenly) set to 999 waves, so at 120 waves flown the “short mission penalty” kicked in.

Now, aren’t you glad you don’t have to fly 999 waves? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed in v.26 :medal_sports: Bug


Because you’re using an analog signal and your picture isn’t perfectly centered on your monitor?

Try the “auto-adjust” button on your monitor :slight_smile:

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