Early Access version 22

wait, i just updated 2 or 3 days ago… Gotta update again. So how is the new boss? Spoiler please

He doesn’t have pants.


So, The asteroid belt missions are really cool and I’d like to suggest something.

  • When entering a new asteroid belt player should be awarded with keys (just like entering the not explored orbit)
  • Rename “Meteor storm” wave to “Asteroid storm” (dunno I prefer “Asteroid storm”. it fits better in my opinion)
  • I also noticed that when we fly near the asteroid we’re getting a little points bonus, but when the player dies and become invulnerable for a couple of seconds, the bonus is still possible to get. is there a way that during invulnerability this bonus could be disabled?

@InterAction_studios mind, if you take a look at these suggestions?
Also, does this new boss can be encountered in Boss Rush missions?
You rock!

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Nice to see Meteor Storm missions have returned. Also, loving the new boss!

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Is there any way to diſplay the asteroid belt in the galaxy view as a sort of ring around the ſun like real aſteroid belts?

Not easily. Going outside the ‘spherical planet’ model wouldn’t be worth the effort. How would you dock to a belt? Plus, it would require animating a lot of asteroids to make realistic… hundreds, if not thousands.

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Unleſs you went for a sort of blurry, dotted ring instead.

At the cloſeſt location?

What if it worked like a planet (with a tranſparent and non-clickable middle) concentric with the ſun? Docking would always be done on the outſide.

Blurry looks very wrong when there are stars sharply in focus behind it in the background.
I could conceivably change the ‘streak’ texture (trailing each planet) to make it look like it’s asteroids, but without animation it wouldn’t look convincing.

Mock-ups are welcome, however.


Does the new boss appear in boss rushes? Does that mean boss rush missions got mixed again? D:

I asked them that and it seems that they didn’t responded.
atleast, yet.
Maybe they’ll reply this time.

To be fair, you can’t have a meteor without having an atmosphere, so the current name also isn’t exactly accurate.
Then again…


@Davoid @matix524 Yes it does. And, yes, that sadly means that Boss Rush missions are jumbled again.

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Yeah,well,if the game made sense,we wouldn’t be playing it.
Then again,it’s the 22nd century.What’s not possible?

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Flat planets.
inb4 iA adds a single flat planet in some random star system


Make an outpost orbiting something that’s flat,and then terraform it.
What a time to be alive!

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actually i’d like to see milky way in universe lol

Actually, all planets are currently flat (2D) :slight_smile: . Even the asteroid belt effect is 2D (although it does use some intermediate 3D calculations).

The wormholes are 3D (which is why they get clipped if you zoom too far in).


I told you nothing’s impossible.
Though there could be a new location:Chicken outpost.
Extra hard missions for those who moan!You will throw out your keyboard the next day!

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Of course,nobody told you to go there.
It’s filled with Elite missions,and lots of keys!