Early Access version 19


This is a very complex update and should in retrospect have been broken into two separate smaller updates – too late now! Regrettably but unavoidably, this also means you’ll lose a little more than usual (see “compatibility” below).

Main areas of new functionality include Rankings, Stats, and Squadrons. Also, a lot of bug fixes (medals will be issued tomorrow).


You will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured
  • your “Information Overlay” and “Color Theme” settings
  • Any Squadron Licenses you have


  • Supernova missions now drop keys (@cook1ee :medal_military: Bug)
  • Bossa Nova: Chunks spawned by boss no longer count in stats (@Nikito :medal_military: Bug)
  • Existing charity bonuses are now taken into account when awarding Charity (@anon27929001 :medal_military: Bug)
  • Messages are no longer colorized when “User Interface” color is customized @ChickenInvader45 :medal_military: Bug)
  • Added “default” button to color customization (@gabytzu :medal_military: Idea)
  • Progress bar text outline is now opaque to improve text legibility under certain color combinations (@RoboCat :medal_military: Bug)
  • Trip buttons now continuously check whether player has enough fuel (@cook1ee :medal_military: Bug)
  • Supernova mission chunks’ health now depends on mission difficulty (@Traveller :medal_military: Idea)
  • Added dark/light text customization option (@matix524 :medal_military: Bug)
  • Added Mission HUD glow color/size to customization options (@who?)
  • Notifications can now be disabled in galaxy and/or mission (@ans1382 :medal_military: Idea)
  • Some planets now have rings (@ans1382 :medal_military: Idea)
  • “Surfing the Wave” wave: fixed danger zone (@GuestUniverse :medal_military: Bug)
  • “Change callsign” now costs 90 keys.
  • Safe/Danger zones are now not shown for all skill levels above Veteran.
  • Weekly “most active” message now expires after a week (was a day).
  • Moved “Smooth galaxy zoom” option to in-game options.
  • Music now always fades out before boss if custom music has been set. (@RoboCat :medal_military: Bug)
  • Bossa Nova: Halved maximum spin rate of protective chunks.
  • Added Alien Mothership, Bossa Nova, Henlley’s Comet to boss rush missions.
  • Added flare to Utensil Poker impacts (@Thuongyc :medal_military: Idea)
  • “Terminator Chickens” wave: Updated 2x danger zones to match “Gyroscope Malfunction” (@TheGreatestRoman :medal_military: Idea)
  • Reduced particle density by ~30% in low detail mode for certain big explosions (@xdtruedame :medal_military: Idea)
  • Added “Rankings” screen.
  • Added “Stats” screen.
  • “Compare” screen can now also compare rankings.
  • Bossa Nova boss is now weak against electric and strong against metal weapons (@Sammarald :medal_military: Idea)
  • UCO (variation A) no longer aims its green lasers at player unless it’s actually going to fire.
  • Bossa Nova: All chunks now disappear when boss dies (@GuestUniverse :medal_military: Bug)
  • Added alternative heightmap palette for Terran planets.
  • Galaxy screen: Moved “Locate spacecraft” button at bottom of button list.
  • Supernova missions: Added waves with “Alien Container” (@isp :medal_military: Idea)
  • Fixed server crash during Space Race generation (database floating-point precision error).
  • Profile screen: Keys and fuel update in real time.
  • Profile screen: Rearranged UI.
  • “Squadrons” button is now functional (only general management, no in-game effect yet).


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


Ah sh*t every time I download this slow


The Space Race rewards were duplicated… twice.
I got 3 medals and 150 keys thanks to this.

And the top 10 list doesn’t display the times correctly.

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Something’s wrong. Taking server down again.

I noticed something in the boss rush when the boss is destroyed the music continues until another boss arrives

Server is back up again, but some things won’t work until I fix the problem:

  • Space Race won’t be generated
  • Rankings will be empty

Working on it.

I still have one extra medal.

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It would be good to see a message when you have been invited to squadron.

And to see information when you click somebody in squadron window because right now you can’t even see is player online or not.

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I didn’t get Bug medals

I am completely 100% sure that i was on other ‘‘frozen wasteland’’ planet before the update:

@InterAction_studios Did you make frozen planets more detalied, because some of them looks just like ice ball.



why is the main-menu button at the bottom of the screen?

These planets look great

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Third bug with Music: Music not fades with original music (without custom music)

I found bug with rings on planets


At the supernova missions, the music now fades out before the boss

Same with comets :confused:

I think this happens in Retro Missions too

Its no problem for me. If the music didnt fade out i must forget that the boss fight comes in :smiley:

Added a video with rings bug