Early Access version 17



A lot of small but important bug fixes in this update, and a lot of tweaks to Comet Chase missions (which now include a new boss, courtesy of @Stardrone).


This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured


  • [Server-side v16.2] Fixed incorrect daily challenge results.
  • [Server-side v16.2] Fixed (potentially) incorrect weekly challenge rankings.
  • Medals: Replaced references to “missiles” with “special weapons”.
  • Medals: Replaced “moderate” with “intermediate”.
  • Trophy is now controlled by mission’s ending (instead of starting) difficulty.
  • “Early Access” medal now awarded.
  • “10,000 food” medal is now repeatable (if selling more than 20k food).
  • Disabled “no deaths” medals if player loses a life but immediately quits game.
  • Master Squawker boss now has up to 4 beams depending on mission difficulty.
  • Can now use mousewheel to zoom in/out during trips.
  • +15 sec time penalty is now applied if you quit a Space Race during the stage transition.
  • Added CI3/4/5 victory music tracks.
  • Comet Chase missions: Starfield scrolls faster.
  • Comet Chase missions: Default music is now CI3 Victory track.
  • Comet Chase missions: Key boost is now 500%.
  • Comet Chase missions: Comets now spawn across the entire width of the screen.
  • Comet Chase missions: Eliminated safe pockets when comets travel slanted.
  • Comet Chase missions: Boss wave gives 3x keys.
  • Asteroids now use 50% less particles for smoke trails.
  • Menu volume sliders now increment/decrement by 1 bar exactly.
  • Daily top-10 no longer show number of attempts.
  • Yolk-Star yolk now rotates after being damaged.
  • UFO saucers now spawn chickens of the correct breed.
  • Comet Chase missions: More precise collisions (zeroed texture origin_adjust).
  • Added Henlley’s Comet boss.
  • Space Race: Fixed incorrect top-10 ranking.
  • Trophies: penalty is now applied to relatively short missions (starting below 50% of maximum length).


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


Awesome! I’m in!

EDIT: Where is the link for downloading V17? Is still for the old version.


Updated. You can use the first (versionless) link, it will always point to the latest version (even if the second link hasn’t been updated yet).


good day my underpaid men


An update.


And it features a new boss.


Kan’t wait for the new bosses


Dat big comet tho.


Can’t wait for the Henlley boss, wonder if it has a chicken graffiti on it


Actually, well, it doesn’t have graffiti, sadly. :cry:


Shouldn’t it be called “CI5 Victory music” so that it’s consistent?


Since when i thought people’s ideas are gonna be implemented in the full game?


Yes. :medal_military: Bug medal


One item in the changelog is incorrect:

No, victory music is still random, but Comet Chase now uses CI3 deep space encounter music.


victory music =/= stage complete music


Victory music is the one seen in the episodes when you beat the game,and they are also seen in 2 of the chapters in each game(in ci3,that would be chapter 5 and 10). So it is correct


Also CIU has finally got new original music, yay (the suspense sound for Henlley’s Comet).

Regarding that boss, are the comet graphics going to be rerendered in higher quality anytime soon? It’s larger than the comet textures.


Looks like chosen music overrides even the comet’s boss theme. That’s, no good. (Oh sound. Right.)


Victory Theme from other part CI activate own Special Song
CI3 Victory Theme: Original Comet Chase Song (Already use in this type of mission)
CI4 Victory Theme: The Feather Fields of Yolkon-7 song
CI5 Victory Theme: Artifact Recovery Song


Now the comet chase missions are good.