Early Access version 17


That’s because they are the same themes.


How about an option to have “Mouse Capture” enabled only during missions?
For example while browsing the galaxy the game won’t capture the mouse, as well as when paused during the mission, but when the players is controlling your ship the game captures the mouse normally.


Or are they?


Just tried new boss twice. It’s perfect.


Amazing update! Can we have some hints about new music, supernova missions or asteroid belts?


@EmeraldPlay: Probably not – the boss is fairly rare, and there isn’t enough impact to justify the added texture size.

@BoggY: Possibly, but does anyone need this?


I guess I have a split personality


This happens a lot to me actually. After you end session and quickly enter the game again that happens.


Are daily challenges always this strange?


They’re good


You must play these very rarely. Epic waves appear really often,lol




Why tutorials are reset?


Special recommendation that the more damage this comet takes during the fight, the more cracked it becomes, perhaps even catching fire in some areas.


No, it’s not


“Rookie” they said, “it will be easy!” they said.


That is so sad


I do think that there ſhould be ſomething that diſallows Gatling guns in Chicken roulette at difficulties below 100%.


I also noticed that you told me that this bug was fixed in v.17,but it wasn’t mentioned in the changelog,and it still seems to be a thing in the game

The skill level shown on this is shh,even though rookie is the locked one on space race. It would make more sense for rookie to be shown,since some players might end up thinking that the locked skill level is actually ssh(or whatever the player chose as their last mission’s skill level) for space race.


@VerMishelb: The top-10 you’re looking at was calculated before the new update was released.

@Orandza: Huh. I don’t remember ever fixing this. Fixed in v.18. :medal_military: Bug medal.