Early Access version 14


This update comes a bit later than expected, but the Apple emergency and the IA website server move delayed work for several days.

The other reason for the delay is that a lot of groundwork has been laid in this update in order to eventually support social features (chats, squadrons, etc). This might not sound like much – we realize that these days most people take this kind of functionality for granted, but things quickly get complicated when you’re trying to implement it using nothing but pedal-to-the-metal C++ code. If something doesn’t work right, post your troubles here.

On to the good parts: You can now have a “Contacts” list. Contacts are visible anywhere on the galaxy map, and you’ll receive information about their on-line status, when they log in, and when they fly missions. There’s no messaging yet. It will be added if there’s a strong need for it. As this stage it’s important to only implement the minimum required functionality – messaging is not the core of the game, and we’d rather avoid duplicating work that has been done a thousand times before (easier and better) in other dedicated messaging apps.

There are also notifications that will pop up (even mid-mission) about contacts logging in, new messages arriving, etc.

A “Compare” option has now been added, so you can compare yourself against any other hero (your contacts certainly, but also random players you come across). Compared statistics are rather rudimentary at present, but they’ll be refined in coming updates. Let us know what you want to see here.


This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured


  • Squeezed galaxy HUD keys/fuel/food text slightly for prevent abutting icons.
  • Removed some potentially exploitable debug information.
  • Fixed disconnections when starting a very long trip via interstellar highways across the entire galaxy.
  • Fixed potentially incorrect “last mission” result.
  • Increased Yolk-Star collision area (so that auto-targetting weapons can lock onto its whole breadth).
  • Metal chickens now have a deeper cluck sound (-40%, used to be -10%)
  • Planets now spin slower. Clouds don’t lag as much behind planet surface.
  • Fixed red colorization (used in hot environments) of CI1 and CI5 starfield backgrounds.
  • Removed outline border from certain UI elements (reverse paragraph text, scroll bars).
  • Restored BASS
  • Added Contacts (friend list).
  • Added Notifications.
  • Added “Show cursor outside playing area” option in Controls -> Mouse menu.
  • “Off-Road License” can now only be purchased once.
  • Added “Compare” option (compares player stats against other players).
  • Shop: “Already at max upgrade” now takes priority over “not enough keys” message.
  • Doubled distance at which nearby players are visible in galaxy map (internal: doubled sector size, doubled user limit per sector).
  • Resolved callsign clashes (made callsigns unique in database).
  • Callsigns extended to 20 characters (was 16).


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


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This game’s excellence is undenyable :wink:

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Version 14. For real this time :slight_smile:

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Yeah, people are really good at juſt aſſuming the tech guys will make everything magically work.


The locate button does not work for contacts that are too far away from my ship.

The game also crashed soon after with this error.

Restart the game. Check if the “locate” button works correctly now.

Will investigate the crash.

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It works now.

Ok, the problem is that newly added faraway contacts are not made relevant to a player, but changes to their state are still sent out.

Will fix this server-side (it will take a few hours). In the meantime, as a workaround, you’ll need to log out and back in every time you add a faraway contact (i.e., a contact that you can’t see on your galaxy map per usual means).

UPDATE: Taking server down to fix something much more serious.

UPDATE: Server is back on-line. All contacts have been reset.

Hi @InterAction_studios,

I havent been active lately, but this sure looks interesting! Will look into it later.

What is your plan now? Will you continue working on server sided stuff or add the remaining CI content and mission types?

Ok, long nicknames looks wrong here.


Soooo… anyone wants a contact? My callsign is Skileg.

Not work Function: Locate in Contract [SOLVED]

Are these brand new contacts? Did you try logging out and back in and using “locate” again?

Yeah, work after logging out.
But i found second problem !
After 10 minutes i got this error

it happened to me too, and my antivirus didn’t let me get on it so i had to uninstall the antivirus so i could play

@EmeraldPlay @RoboCat @TUTITEILilovechicken

CHANGELOG: * (Server-side fix) Fixed crashes and/or “Locate” button not working when adding faraway contacts (i.e., contacts not visible in galaxy map)

Should be fixed now (hopefully). Let me know if it happens again.

oops, i didn’t scroll page, sorry for spam

Another update down! Well, I understand the issues that happened that delayed this update, but regardless, it didn’t affect it too drastically. Now for my thoughts:

  • Contacts: Seem cool, didn’t play with them for some time, but, hey, we’re already receiving friends lists! (BTW, the first friend request I received, right after installing the update, was from @Nikito)
  • Notifications: Also interesting, no do I need to quit a mission to see what I received, this feature was, in my opinion, worth it.
  • That cursor that shows up in the missions: Thank goodness I can hide it now.

Overall, good update. Keep it going!