Early Access version 124

Born in 2002, baby :sunglasses:

Oh hey, I know about this unironically ancient Android artifact! I believe @Ericbruh’s phone has a rounded screen, thus the borders get cut off. This is how it looks like as intended by a developer at the time:

I made them show up by pressing tab at a text field, and made them go away by tapping on another one. You might want to use Unexpected Keyboard to replicate this.

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great nostalgic update :))

Chicken Invaders Universe” leaving Early Access on December 15th

That is, after December 15, the game will no longer be in early access, but it will be full version?

Dark sawblade

I actually adore this style. Might keep it a while.

@InterAction_studios there’s a bug in the multiplayer(Android):

I just wanted to join in anyone when he was Pause the game and then it show up on me and exit a multiplayer himself

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Can you makr the chat button not fade even the game is pause? Becasue it may confuse ppl that don’t know you can still chat while pause (clicking on the chat button although it faded)


Wait is that tempest wryron :slight_smile:

are you sure? [High-contrast text :white_check_mark:]


Mission result Idea: show the amount of quest progress you have made in the mission.

You can scroll down or “- and more…”


This is a great idea but, if it can add outcome much

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please add in app updater

Not now yet wait for the answer IA

Hello IA
I have a question regarding framerate.

How exactly does your fps counter and limiter work?
Assuming we have V-Sync turned on then it should be stable and it just jumps too high and too low constantly
As for frame limiter, it’s good that it has such a wide range to choose from (5fps steps), but it doesn’t really work. It’s set on 150fps and I frequently see it hit more than 170. However Steam overlay fps counter shows it as stable 165fps of my screen refresh.
So, how exactly does it work?

This update is AMAZING!!! THANKS A LOT!!!

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Plz sir

do not post pictures of your language (this is a only English in forum not other languages)

I don’t think it’s a problem.


Do you really need to be strict about it?. And you know what those text mean.

Also once again he is a new user so don’t be strict.


Talking about the logical reality, can the lightning in a mission has both Electric and Hot be Red colour instead of Cyan colour?