Early Access version 123


It’s fixed, by reopening the game.


I’m investigating some multiplayer crashes that started happening when the Android version was released. As a test, I am temporarily disabling cross-platform multiplayer. If you are on Windows, the multiplayer browser will only show Windows games, and if you are on Android, you will only see Android games.

This change will take effect in about 15 minutes. There will be no disruption to the server (you will not be disconnected).


this seems way too small :confused:

maybe make it little bit bigger

Maybe turn on the “High-contrast text” and try again?
To me, it just the text that are too dark

If this experiment is successful, i think i can advise you that you can keep that change.
I told you before about 2 different server. One of the reason i want to tell you that is it may cause your work reduce the pressure for a little. Example, if you want to change or fix anything for Mobile version, open your place where you do these change and do it. But you will have to open another place if you want to do a change on PC version.
(the place = the thing where you use to do the change or fix, like the program application)

Thinking, you don’t have to put pressure on yourself. You can release 2 different version at the different times, or the same times if you have free time to do. That’s all!

Ohh, and more. I know you told me that you afraid someone will play with mouse or external keypad, or through emulation. I have a suggestion for that: You should accept this at this difficult time. Yes i know! But this could be the only unfair case we have known for mobile version. After a time, we will try to thinking how to detect and stop those cases later. Because not all people know how to connect the mobile with any devices outside.

That’s all, i hope you will take a thinking about that. This just an experiment for mobile version, iA! Not an official version.

Hello guys, how are you?

Here I have a topic on a weapon idea, I hope it’s interesting for you and IA writes a reply on it.



Actually, the real problem is that after i closed the chat, my spacecraft just moved by itself and the screen being a bit change because of the screen keyboard and 3 main buttons.


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Crazy Squawker too:


Is it a bug where when you disconnect after clearing a stage (NOT a Wave) in a Mission, whatever weapon you last picked up from the boss is what it was before? I had Neutron equipped from the boss and then I disconnected, to see something. When I logged back on, I have Lightning equipped, which is what I used before collecting the Neutron gift.

It’s an apron now lol



Is this caused by my game’s resolution or that letter I was messed up? (at 3rd sentence)

resolution i think, letter I is very thin so it can look even thinner on small res

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Idea: whenever you look at the quest screen, the quest displays how much progress you have done since the last time you have visited the screen.

Leaving the screen and return will make the numbers turn gray, saying you’ve seen this progress.

The numbers stay until the next progress is made.


already on

IA, is it normal for people who left to be in kick list


Can you increase the space between this two?


Nah, unnecessary.

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It’d look better than being so close to the icon.