Early Access version 122

Can’t be more useless than this.

It isn’t much of a issue on pc but on mobile it’s more obvious.

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I have a small idea. It could be an edition idea or something else… Idk
So… Since World Cup will be celebrated in 20th November 2022, and you know that this is one of the most popular event of the world. Mostly games have their event to respond World Cup. My idea is: How about a event for CIU? Will CIU do something to respond World Cup? A new edition, or something else?

Notice the magenta lands on the terran planet? It shouldn’t be there unless the lands are pink themselves (in this case, it’s missing textures)

What that has to do with it?

Honestly it’s not a bad idea. But it could require some effort.

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if it doesn’t interrupt your gameplay (mine is crashing while playing competitive mission) it’s fine

Also, iA forgot to give medals and update server status

Probably having a small break.

Me too It doesn’t receive from medal on me

… It’s not a source game engine. These are just pink clouds/lands. Their colour is pink. If there was a missing texture, the game would just crash.

It’s the same thing as saying that plasma gift box doesn’t have the textures, because it’s pink.

That’s how I crashed an entire chunk in the game for hours before


The whole tutorial/help system is going to be reworked

Does the bar appear immediately when the game starts? Or do you have to make it appear first, and then it stays?

Is it possible that there is a user setting overriding this? So that it forces the bar to always be visible?

Noted. I’ll probably add it together with Thanksgiving.

Marking all read doesn’t make them disappear from your Inbox. When you log out/in and the messages are gone, then the server has deleted them and there’s no way to get them back.

Looks fine to me. Colors are chosen randomly for the planet surfaces, so it’s possible to get weird combinations.

IIRC, this is an engine limitation and not a design decision. It can’t be easily changed without causing problems.

I don’t know exactly what you’re referring to, but everything you see if the result of (a) font rasterization or (b) screen scaling. I have no control over any artifacts (e.g. that the left vertical side of “o” looks thinner than the right side).

No. It’s very close to Thanksgiving anyway.

Oops. Done.


When i starts the game, it is hidden. But when i tap my screen, it immediately shows up and never hidden from that point

i don’t think so

well I don’t know if anyone encountered this problem (like this video) many times, but I’m so confused about this. Because this happened to me not only once, but many times.
So the problem is: sometimes it’ll gonna have a bad lag, for about 3-4 secs, then it becomes normal. Note that even in a better connection it still happen

Fixed in v.123 :medal_sports: Bug

I only noticed increased lag at 19 seconds in your video, and it only lasted for 1 second. Although I can’t possibly know for sure what is causing it, transient delays like that are normal and expected (generally speaking).


Because it lagged to me so many times, but the entire mission is long, so I’ve trimmed the video and sent it for easier describing :confused:
and some players met this lag too

If all players connected to a multiplayer game experience lag simultaneously, then most likely the problem is with the host’s network connection. If only one player experiences lag, then it’s probably that specific connection. This is a simplification, of course, because the problem may lie anywhere in between.

In any case, there’s nothing that the game can do to improve this situation.


:information_source: I’m currently investigating reports of multiplayer games crashing during the Yolk-Star boss wave. These crashes started appearing when the Android version came out. But I also see some crashes on Windows systems (although perhaps the hosts on those games were on Android?) Odd.

Anyway, if you are on a Windows computer and your multiplayer game crashed during Yolk-Star and you know for a fact that the host was also on Windows, please report it here.



Why is this upwards?

there is a problem with the screen it isn’t centered (this didn’t happen to me the version before) @InterAction_studios

It’s intentional