Early Access version 116

Can The Alien Mothership and I’ll Be Back! have a random boss music? (since it doesn’t have one)

In the Profile section, if you click on the question mark it will only show your callisign and that’s it. Can it showcase the galaxy exploration and some other stuff?

Can there be a defenition for the Booster?
Idea: Can the egg splat from “It’s the Mother Hen Ship” be the same size as the explosion?


@InterAction_studios Can you remove coin icon on pointless chicken?


Sometimes it can drop food, can it?

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It was changed this update, they no longer drop food.



The bottom three’s descriptions lack a period.

About the music track titles, should they be translated or just leave them English?


That’s the spawn shield countdown. However, you are right that it does appear briefly while outside the screen, so I’ll fix this for completeness sake. Fixed in v.116 :medal_sports: Bug

Isn’t the scoreboard still visible while the game is paused?

:scream: indeed!

This was done to preserve network bandwidth. Granted, it only saves 2-4 bytes, but it’s 2-4 bytes that I have to pay for, so… acknowledged; won’t fix :man_shrugging:

The problem is that the tutorial appears on two different screens with different layouts. Fixed in v.117 :medal_sports: Bug

It’s not “bugged” as such. It’s just how the filter works.

It’s too translucent, so the filtering has made it transparent. I’m ambivalent about this, but I’ll exclude it from the filtering. Changed in v.117 :medal_sports: Idea

Funnily enough, yes; that’s how I fixed it.

CI2 doesn’t have menu music (at least not the original 2002 version). Anyway, it’s only a test for now. I’ll see what other changes need to be done when the 20th anniversary approaches.

It does have music assigned – it just happens to be the same as the Retro wave music.

Meh. If I start explaining everything on that screen, the tutorial will become unwieldy.

Will add.

Changed in v.117 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.117

I’d say leave them in English.


will you add a Stage clear and a Game over jingle for CIU, just like the episodes

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Okay, strings corrected.
What about adding a note about this in the translation menu?

The “Party Like It’s 2002” filter name will be translate-able in the future?

Chicks spawning in The Planet Egg City are still dropping foods, which can be used for overexploiting.
Can this be fixed in the next version?

Can there be custom colored text? (Red, pink, green etc)

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When shooting riddler and it does hit a target, it suddenly has it trails again? Is that a bug occured when the target getting hit animation doesnt get filtered?

Does it only apply on Planetary egg city, Egg cannon, and Henterprise?

Was it suppose to be the same size like Yolk Star?

is same size boss blast from the past

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Also, the Henterprise Hencounter, too, iA!

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Could the tutorial mission use one of the three new wave tracks and the boss track for '‘Show ‘em who’s boss’’?
(Just so its the first thing newcomers hear)

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iA,i see first slot boss and slot 3 music just replay again and slot music boss 2 can’t display in boss battle

What’s with this… pixel triangle? IA, is that a bug? (-2002test)


I personally prefer Riddler as it is right now. Reminds me of how gun effects in Worms were made: no trail, only smoke at the impact place.


I don’t understand what’s new in the update :slightly_smiling_face: ?