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@InterAction_studios Regarding Riddler:

This weapon is overbuffed and powerful in an over-reactive way, in normal fire rate it takes 17 Seconds to overheat and 10 in faster rate which is a large interval relative to other weapons and a thing that makes a targeted weapon for many players to use.

How about nerfing it?

Like making it overheat faster, Decreasing fire rate, spread

They update live to show you how stuff looks like.

Not easy.

Festers. And changed in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea

That is always the rule when enemies are killed off-screen.

The type of orbiting asteroids is determined by the mission environment. The “storm” attack uses different asteroids to make them more easily avoidable.

Just a small particle effect so that Fences don’t disappear abruptly (e.g. in “Symphony No. 1 in C major” wave)

I’ll need a poll verification before I can make any changes.

Due to an implementation issue, all difficulties listed in the change log must be divided by 1.2 to arrive at the true difficulty. So 60% / 1. 2 = 50%


Added in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea

Interesting idea, but it would attract more players to specific locations in the galaxy (which I’m generally trying very hard to avoid for server balancing reasons)

No, that would require an exception to the usual rule for no real benefit.

The color is the same, but the HUD also has translucency.

Weapon balance is delicate and other people have spent a lot more time on it than me. I can’t make any changes off-hand. Use the Excel to test specific values for your nerfs, then get some community support for your proposal.


And yet it’s not broken at all.
By the way, where are you getting this info from about people using it a lot? It’s literally one of the least used weapons…

  1. Can you check some new waves from mine?
    New Wave : The Villa
    2 More New Waves: Henus Horus - Chicken Transportation

  2. Shall the amount of indestructible barriers decrease in Ribbit wave?

  • Yes
  • No

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You call a powerful weapon that takes long to overheat not broken?

It’s literally not that powerful at all…
Now how about I ask you something, where are you getting stats about players using Riddler a lot?
Several times it was tested, several times it was proven that players hardly use this weapon. Where’s your evidence that people use it a lot?


To be honest I overreacted about the “being used a lot part”, but don’t you think that a weapon who takes long to overheat is overbuffed?

If its dps isn’t that great then no. You’re going to make an already below-average weapon worse, it’s going to become absolutely useless. If anything, it needs something more to it. Galba and I thought of giving it shrapnel when killing enemies but we never really got around to balancing this idea. But overall, Riddler needs improvements, not to be nerfed to the point where it’s truly the worst weapon.


Understood. so what about… we make it pass through chickens? Crazy Idea but it is a fast moving bullet weapon so maybe it can penetrate through bodies.

Possibly. Though we thought of giving it a unique property not available for other weapons, piercing is already there for absolver. We did consider piercing and ricochet too, just not sure how to balance that.

I’m going to be honest here

By doing this, you’ll be able to potentially lock the boss into an even more predictable pattern by just going to the sides, and then immediately going back to the center while the lasers are still about to fire.

Even more so if its like Hend Game. (Going to its blind spots make it aim the lasers there instead) You could potentially lock it into an easy loop if you’re good at positioning, and make it even more of a joke.

And the thing with Egg City is that you can’t even hit it from the blind spots (unless you have something that has really high spread) anyway, unlike the Henterprise, where you can always hit it, so i’d say making it shoot it’s red lasers into the blind spots is quite unnecessary, and potentially just a difficulty breaker.

Yes, the red smokey bullets already do that, but the lasers work more like a chokepoint, where it attempts to block off its more vulnerable spots by making it much harder to access if you’re at the blind spots.

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I won’t deny that those blind spots doesn’t do as much damage as the danger spot, but the whole idea of this conversation is to show how red lasers are being avoidable using those spots. Blind spots are supposed to keep the player safe from harder conflict. Am I right?

finish reading my text first please

Ok thank you

I did and I understand. I showed how to damage that thing and it was by staying close to it, and in the same time avoiding harder conflict which was the red lasers, and if you are asked between staying safe from those lasers or any other projectile and roaming around the danger zone, wouldn’t you choose the first? And you know that red lasers fires faster in higher difficulties. So that’s why I say that these spots should be dealt with because again it is proving that those red lasers is a useless artillery and makes the boss way easier, the boss is too easy to face, but with that blind spot… Now Imagine how easy it reached.

why not just add two more lasers to each side during the laser attack to make the blind spot actually more of a consideration than a pointless thing

Widen the range of how far these lasers can reach to make the player actually think whether they want to be safe for the duration of the laser attack, or actually take a risk and try to hit the boss from the danger zone.

Making the boss shoot its lasers there instead actually makes the blind spot way more abusable. (Hend Game situation)

is that a better alternative?

Optional: Make these side lasers fire slightly after the main lasers (A third of a second might be enough, but if you prefer half a second, that’s fine too). This is to give bombers a little more time to reach the safe spot if they want to use it.

You… just said that it is harder to shoot the Egg City boss but it is safer from that side, in Hend game the damage you send to the boss wherever spot you move is equal at everything

But that doesn’t apply to Egg City’s both danger and blind spot. The thing is that from the danger zone you spend better damage but with more risk, but for the blind spot you spend lower damage but that advantage of having safety from those red lasers is way better than the danger zone’s one, a player do not afford to risk one of his lives and look for a safe zone to fight the boss even if it takes longer. All I was planning from the start of this conversation to the end is to remove this safe blind spots so the player gets used to dodges these red lasers and learn how to damage faster, That’s everything.

then just get the lasers to cover the whole screen

wouldn’t that be much easier

Another bug (maybe): I was just doing a mission and i had very bad internet (Because of high schoolers doing finals), Anyway, The first wave was Symphony no 1 C Major and the second ton last wave was Shear Stress and then when i was at the boss i lost coonnection then i reconnected, You would expect it to go to Shear Stress or the Boss Right? Well NO, it said Wave 7 of 6 AND the wave was Symphony no 1 C Major when it was the VERY FIRST wave, How is this possible?