2 More New Waves: Henus Horus - Chicken Transportation

Some Wave Ideas got in my Head and would like to share them, Here:

1-Henus Horus

A thing from the Pharoahs’ god of the sky and this wave represents his eye, Here is the formation:

the Bottom parts of the eye will move in diognal ways, the base of the eye will appear from the right and left edges of the screen and meet with each other, the eyebrow will appear from the upper edge and move downwards a bit:

And Finally the eye will be formed like that:

2- Chicken Transportation

Several Black holes and indestructible barriers will appear ( LVL 4 Barrier is not), And the chicken will move to the black holes and transport to another in this order as shownl, 3 Anomalies will be represented in this wave:

I forgot to say that the safe zone in both waves in the middle part in the bottom most area.

That’s all for now, Hope you like it!




Aren’t the shooting barriers placed incorrectly?


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For some reason i forgot to say that there are anomalies in this wave, made to break it and kill the chickens transporting., hold on lemme edit it this.

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