Early Access version 108

oh I understand, thank you ia

and i have a suggest
About new boss can you remove only pink potion warning zone and orange potion warning zone
it fine right? because those 2 potions don’t kill immediately it just make spacecraft slowly and get overheat

iA, could you take a look at these

It wouldn’t be fine. The idea is to avoid being in these zones when he attacks, whether they are lethal or not.

I don’t know, to be honest, I started noticing that since v.108 came out. It could be my mouse or my mouse carpet, for all I know. I’m no expert in this. I just did not expect you to reply to my post like that, IA. Sorry.

While we’re here, I do have another idea. Is it possible for you to add a feature that allows players to instantly delete the entire text inside each textbox by holding the backspace key pressed? It would be great since it’s annoying to wait for seconds for the long text to be entirely removed by holding that key pressed, or spam-pressing it.


limited edition boosters

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In an attempt to gain more insight into FPS problems, the “show fps” option in v.109+ will also show a red chart. This is what it looks like:


This chart shows the frame duration of the last 30 frames. The most recent frame is on the right, and everything scrolls to the left as time goes by.

The length of each bar is the duration of each frame in ms (if you are playing the game at 1920x1080, then each pixel is 1 ms). The longer the bar, the slower the frame. In the example above, you can see two spikes when the game loaded some assets from disk.

Some undulation is expected and perfectly normal, however the smoother the graph, the smoother your FPS. If you continuously see choppy lines, then try closing unnecessary background applications. If you are running full-screen and you also have V-sync turned on, it’s also possible to see a stair-stepped shape caused by those times when the game can’t achieve the full 60 FPS and unavoidably drops to 30 FPS.


Too messy for too little payoff.


Idea: design the option to become somewhat confortable ig

For real, some of the option’s side is blank by some point (“Gameplay” left side is completely blank and “Mouse” right side is blank too) so I decide to make this idea to make the Option become beautiful and confortable (no medal need)

Yeah, just mirror the right one (not include the text mirror or anything. Just button and text place).

Before asking, yes im not using any Photoshop or somekind. Sorry if it’s ugly.


What placeholder tracks will you use in-case 2dB cannot complete the new tracks?


One screen not more

Hmm, could you make it so the crab’s eyes track the player? it would be more intimidating

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IA,Can you replace Dr. Becker’s music with Boss’s music of CI5 ?

Hmm, maybe CI5 Victory music. This track is only used twice, magnetic manipulator and your first mission.

Dr. Becker’s music will be removed in the next update? I’m gonna cry so much, I love that theme so much…

By the way, I’m a YES for the idea of replacing Dr. Becker’s theme with the victory theme from CI5.

Changed in v.109 :medal_sports: Idea

Note that there are cases where a paper is “hard” to move around because it is being repeatedly knocked left and right by projectiles, which cancels out the net effect. Regardless of how easy/hard papers can be pushed, you’ll get much better results if all your projectiles hit on the same side.



Well, so much for my pun :thinking:

Ok, but it’s not a good fit.


IA can you add the OG CI2 Theme into the Galactic Store?

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Suggested. AFAIK he said it was too big to put in.

It will be named CI2 OG Theme

If he were to put it back in (which I doubt he would), it should be called CI2 Legacy Theme