Droid Raid Buff

Currently, the droid raids are way too easy if you got a max upgraped weapon, and they became even more easy after weapon reworks, so… what about a buff for these mission type?

I was thinking something about normal speed in tourist, rookie and seasoned (0-40 difficulty waves), x2 speed in Veteran and virtuoso (50-70 difficulty waves) and x2.8 speed in SSH (80-140 difficulty waves) because they are extremely slow in some waves.

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The more difficult is the raid, better food will spawn more often (Yes better food will be nerfed in low difficulty abit)


and then you can one shot everything with a level 6 plasma rifle

(A level 20 plasma rifle does 2400 damage, just use that for reference)


Why not replace normal droid with the security droid?

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Indeed, buffed it more.

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Then people will use Absolver and get a ton of food every mission

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Nice, a good point to use absolver.

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How will we be able to grind food effortlessly, then?

Can we have more varieties of droids? I find them quite charming, really.

Here’s my idea:

A buffer security patrol that keeps shooting at the player in two shots.

Of course there’s more. Let’s brainstorm for the Droid Update.

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