Do you play CIU under Windows XP?

Judging from the statistics, a few of the players who log into CIU are still using Windows XP.

Most of these are probably the result of selecting “Run this program in compatibility mode” in the .exe properties, but has anyone here managed to get the game legitimately working with Windows XP? If so, how?


Iirc, there’s a chain thing that requires DirectX 10, which Windows XP can’t support.
I tried many ways to run the game in Windows XP but all attempts failed, it’s likely Virtual box doesn’t give Windows XP a proper 3D support, which is required to run the game.
If you make the game support Windows XP again, I may be able to finally fulfil my dream of having CIU working in Windows 98.

With that aside, a lot of people still use Windows XP, especially in Africa, Chicken Invaders is pretty popular there.


I wonder if there can be a ‘legacy pc’ build just for Windows XP devices, but it would have the least priority to maintain.
Just to allow more players to play the game on old devices, and decent PCs won’t lose performance.

I thought you couldn’t play CIU in Windows XP anymore. Therefore I haven’t tried to play on my Windows XP computer since it ceased to be available for it. Maybe I should try again.


After a few days, I’ll install Windows XP x64 (Or probably x86 for compatibility) and attempt to make it support CIU somehow.

I see a few tools that makes Windows XP run Windows Vista apps, and others making Windows Vista support Windows 7 apps (Alkaline solutions software? What was it named again?), and some other stuff, I’ll give them a shot on real hardware (Since Virtual Box graphics are incompatible with Windows XP, and my device is already built to support Windows XP).

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You’re not supposed to be running CIU on Windows XP from a number of versions ago.


Just tested it on a 32-bit install. You can still install Steam, but it won’t download any games, just errors out when connecting to a server.

As for the standalone version, the installer runs (with a few error codes, but nothing that prevents it from continuing), but upon trying to launch the game, it pops up a “code 132” error, and doesn’t let you proceed any further.

I’d say it’s fair to assume no one is playing it on that.


I don’t have windows xp

I always install windows 8.1 license 90 days because all programs is need upgrade

Also all programs on win xp is no need to upgrade anymore


Alright, I’m installing Windows XP on my device today, let’s see how this one go.

another mc fan!

Do you mean Minecraft?
EDIT: If yes, you say it because of 3D Shareware v1.34 from 2019, right?

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I did test and i succeed to code win 10 exe like executer on windows xp, so xp becomes useful, and i mean its bit laggy but its really good

I played it on old pc a bit while my main was dead

mc what?

or he have no knowledge of what a pixel is

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They… probably think April fools is only a Minecraft reference.

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~~Anyways, CIU doesn’t seem to run on Windows XP normally.
It gives the “not found in win32.exe” error
Or this error with Alky Software
I’ll attempt to fix this though.
@InterAction_studios Apparently, no one can run CIU inside Windows XP.

But wait

I wonder if this can help



Progress. It opened and went to full screen, but gave this error.

Edit: Ok I hate internet.
I’m can’t get anything without getting 1 million malware website that I can’t avoid.
I’ll get to continue on this later.

Just make ur own executable and use it to run ciu