2122 April Fools (realtime is 2022)

The title is already a joke lol

I already have my prank Idea

i have an idea:
every shop is closed (every)
missions are 0 %
space ship is the ci3 shield

Is there will be April Fools version of CIU?

I have an Idea
All the Items in the galactic store are 9999999999999999999999999 Keys

or else keys are multiplied or divided

so, do you mean skills are not working?

i think upside down spaceships is more confusing

oh well, i have another idea:

  • chicken food shape is “4”, hamburger food shape is “four”
  • the environments effects is converted (e.g: hot but the effect is frozen)
  • the music is no more from ciu, use bgm in the prev. versions

April fools 2122: Chicken Invaders Universe (DOS Version)


April Fools updates should not affect gameplay in an adverse way. Every change that could annoy should be optional. This is what Minecraft developers do.

a special setting which turns every chicken into (something)

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:new: Added “Looped sounds mode”. Every sound loops. Forever.

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Even music?

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This should be in ironman

It is better to joke about any color. So we can price the ships 999999999999999
do !

nah i’d prefer 142022 waves in a mission

How about Ironman endless waves

static color space, badly drawn logo



maybe,… keep?
cuz this is a serious competition

I think so :slight_smile:
And the difficult will be 140% but enemy bullet are like the flash run

:warning: Chicken Invaders Universe (Turbo Edition)
Greetings, recruits! In version 44, Windows XP support was removed from Chicken Invaders Universe. It’s sad that players with old computers can’t play this game. That’s why we have made Chicken Invaders Universe (Turbo Edition). This version is available for Windows XP or older (down to MS-DOS). Being programmed from scratch, this game removes many features, but that’s better than not being able to play it.


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes – = Same than original

  • :bulb: Deleted everything except for the following.
  • :gear: Compiled with Turbo Pascal 7.0, adding support to MS-DOS based systems.
  • = Menu, keys, CHL, [N/A].
  • :bulb: Limited exploration, medals, missions, customization, [N/A].
  • :new: Contributors to the version got a medal and custom spacecraft.
  • :gear: Changed UVE version to UVE32. This changes resolution to 320x200x256 colors.
  • = Moron Railgun, Neutron Gun and Boron Railgun.
  • [N/A].


386 processor
VGA video card
640K base memory, of which:
479K (491,000 bytes) free for SoundBlaster sounds or
427K (437,000 bytes) free for PC speaker sounds
640K of free expanded (EMS) memory (a memory manager such as EMM386 is
needed for EMS memory)

Recommended configuration:

486 running at 66MHz or better
Local bus VGA card
SoundBlaster-compatible soundcard

This version is compatible with MS-DOS 5, MS-DOS 6, MS-DOS 7, MS-DOS 8, Windows 1, Windows 2, Windows 3, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 3, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, DOSBox, DOSBox-X, dosemu and other DOS compatible system. Windows Vista can’t normally run it because it requires fullscreen.


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