Do keyrushes count in statistics after defeat

I need some help I am about to play a key rush mission on superstar hero and trying to get some info about it I just have one question :
does a failed/defeated keyrush mission count in the statistics or does it restrict me for completing the game fully. If that is the case then i should not risk it for some extra keys.

I almost got what you mean…

(Unsure if you lose, you afraid your stats wont change or…?)

Actually it still counts in your stats, no matter you complete the mission or not

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Thank you so much i guess i will be able to pull it off but now i am not scared to play it with SSH

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good luck :+1:

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I think you are asking about this: Failed key rush

This has been fixed for v.143.2 so you can get 100% completion even if you fail a Key Rush


Just play safe, buy some special weapons and ur good to go!

ok already did that one successfully,thanks for informing

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