Different sounds than usual compilation

So I played a bonus challenge stage and the sounds for destroying the chests was much deeper than usual.

Ufo’s from nasty surprise when start to shoot have different sound too. IA told us about this in the Early access topic.

my bad.

Actually IA will change them, because they are not made on purpose I think.

Wait, what? No sounds should have been changed. Only the problem of “looping sounds not stopping” is (potentially) fixed.

@A_Neutral_Swiss @Nikito Can you post audio/video of how it sounds?

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Well, gonna try.

Replayed it. Honestly i’m not sure if i’m immagining it or… the sound is really deeper than normal.

strange for me it sounds normal :thinking:

Then i’m probably crazy

I will post video after couple of minutes.

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no you are not crazy some people hears some things different

Yea but before the update was different for me

That means it is different.

But I could still be wrong, and nothing’s changed.

Well, the forum doesnt allow me to post audio.

However, did you noticed any differences?

There’s big difference. Nasty surprise ufo’s beam sound its like the big UCO red beam sound.

Well there’s definetly something, because isp reported that the military and party chicken have the normal sounds, as well as some minibosses.

Post it somewhere (I use my wix site) and then use link, like this:

Well, quoted this from @isp’s topic:

In other words, the sound pitch isn’t changing when it’s supposed to. At least I THINK that’s what’s happening.

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