Different Laser Scope Placement

Ok, this is based from Strobe lights, what about if we able to change the placement for laser scopes?

This may be for increase aim, make your spacecraft more cool u know…

It Would look kinda like this. (Sorry for trash example)
Example: Captura de pantalla (1690)

(Btw for those spacecrafts that can’t mount that much of hardpoints like Scout, let me say that, this is mostly showing the spots where the pointer will be able to be actually)

As you can see in the pic, we will be able to change the placement of the laser scope and it would look almost the same for every spacecraft. (Bomber, Muller and scout will have 5 Placements, because who knows what other spacecraft can come in a future)

Also if you got more than 1 laser scope in a single spot, it will work like alway, make the laser scope more… Huge?


Nice collection for my disco ball


that wont be helpful, it may distract u, so when a chicken lays an egg and falls, u might not see it cuz the laser will be covering it

Can we change the angle too?

Then Only Use One Scope


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