Diſconnection reſulted in loſt progreſs in boſs ruſh

I was juſt flyïng a boſs ruſh, and I loſt connection. This happened during the third wave. When I logged back in, it ſtarted me back at the beginning of the ſecond, which I’d juſt ſpent 7 minutes fighting. Is there a way to make it ſo that on boſs ruſhes you only have to redo the current wave and not more?

There’s something going wrong with your internet connection (especially also considering Slow login).

The game always saves at the beginning of each wave. If you start further back, it means that the save point never made it to the server. And if you were fighting for 7 minutes, then that means that connectivity was problematic for at least that long.

Oh, ok. Yeah, I know my connection’s bad.