Slow login

I’ve noticed that the laſt few days (more or leſs ſince my verſion 15 download, although this may be a coïncidence) my login times have greatly increaſed. Today it took me over 15 ſeconds. This may be an iſſue on my end, as my internet tends to be flaky, and ſometimes quite ſlow, but I figured I’d report it anyway in caſe ſomeone elſe had alſo noticed.

I got a solution for you
Just stop travelling :slightly_smiling_face:

About a week ago we doubled the visible distance in the galaxy, which quadrupled the amount of data you receive when logging in. But it still shouldn’t last for more than 3 seconds, unless you are on a very low-bandwidth connection.

If anyone else has noticed these 10-15 second login delays recently, speak up :slight_smile:

I smell provocation :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Aww don’t. I’m not the bad guy here.:disappointed_relieved::rofl: