Destroy the indestructible

we all know these things.

can’t break
тогда почему бы всё бы не было сделано из этого метала

it’s kind of weird, isn’t it?
can’t break
therefore it is necessary to make something like these guns could break
I have 2 options. you can break them forever and the boss will be taken away life. second, they can break for a while and they are some time pokinatcha themselves. that’s all


But that would make it easier


he and so complex and logic in this no there is no

I’m inclined to agree.

Anyway, this idea was proposed months ago, and was deemed ‘meh’ as far as I remember.

thats the final boss from ci3, so yeah if its a final boss it should definetly be hard
just play more until you get skilled enough lulz

that’s not exactly my idea on the other side of this idea.

Yes, it is harder and 4 and 5 times

I propose no

Also the fact lasers could aim at you would be just too easy. As well as being able to break them. There is no reason for them being breakable aside from being easier. So why bother?

but niogu I he too complicated harder all 100 times already died on him

“So why not everything is from this metal?”

Once I dreamed that I could destroy those guns. I was on a boss rush mission. When I destroyed them the dropped keys. I’m not asking to add that to the game, because that is very much keys for one boss and because you have the keys when you finish the wave.

What if this was a tourist-only feature?

Would it really be worth the extra code?

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Can I say “yes but no” ?
Yes for the newcomers or the people that wants to play an easy game
No for the rest of the players

you think I’m new.

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Interesting idea!

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