Able to Destroy the Boss's Gun Turrets/Arms

UCOs, Crabs and Other Boss Ships have mini turrets and/or arms.
What if you can destroy those just to make the situation partially easier?

That would make it way too easy,don’t you think?

But what if the turrets are hard as diamond to destroy them one by one.


At that point is the extra programming required worth it?

It’s technically already possible if you somehow set their health to a number bigger than 0, but the game would crash right away.


Unnecessary. Bosses should be as close to their originals as possible.

Just 2 seconds stun to the turret.

I don’t get why. CIU is spin-off game, we can experiment with everything.

Huh. Maybe it ſhould be programmed ſo that if ſomeöne deſtroys an arm, he muſt immediätely fight the Yolk-Star without charity.

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But people who came after previous CIs will be like “Hey what is going on with this boss”?

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What if we destroy the all 5,6 or 7 laser cannons of the Yolk Star? He will be reeeeallllyyyy hard without them.

Yes. It also should have at least 10 cannons and should spawn U.C.O.s as terminators.


Oh, every time you deſtroy a Yolk Star cannon, two more are added, one on each ſide.

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Instead, of destroy. Why not just stun?

After the Yolk-Star™ has at least 30 cannons, another Yolk-Star™ appears on the right. And after that on the bottom. And then on the left. Then in the corners.


I thought it would be better if the arm or turret was destroyed only when it crash into the ship

Top tier artist rendition