I don’t know how to draw boss chickens so yea.
Anyways, At the begining there will be 2 nukes shot at random places then the boss will appear at the bottom of the screen.
1- Grenades
He will throw grenades, not just on the ground, right at you, if the grenade touches the ground, it will explode.
2- Knife Barrage
He will throw lots of fast knives at ya, the way to dodge it is to move very slowly.
3- Homing Missile
He will shoot a homing missile at ya, so you have to move quickly, also you have to ram it at him, to make it easier a magnet will drop . If you manage to get the missile, press left-click to launch it at him.
4- Egg Launcher
He will carry a launcher and shoot big eggs at ya, so make sure to dodge kids!
5- Shield
This is for defence, that’s all.
Holy cow, took me a while!
About the name, I think it will be different because of copyright (fsr)
Added or na?

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boss name:“Special drugs”

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No offense but this sound like a rip off of Special Forces Boss.

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