Daily quests with rewards

Recently, after reaching tier 99 I realized that my activities on CIU have decreased.

And yes, I’m aware that there is Space Race, Weekly challenge, etc.

A solution ?

I think a solution would be for players to be able to complete various daily quests, and after completing them there will be some kind of reward.


Kill 1000 chickens

Reward : 5-10 keys.

Another example

Win 4 missions using only the Plasma Rifle.

Reward : 5-10 keys

I apologize if there is a similar suggestion.


:thinking:yeah…A way to more active

It will look like a joke but I am sure it was suggested before, almost when the forum was created. Will try to find it.

‘‘I apologize if there is a similar suggestion.’’
And yes, you are probably right.

Very nice idea

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They were just being nice… it’s not like a dead topic or anything.


Still, it’s better to use replies to actually disquss something.


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