Country people

Hi everybody

Any body Knowing your location and knowing your languages ​​will improve customer service for the game about you and anyone no one changes the place never

If you are in China, Vietnam, the United States​:us:, etc., :egypt::bangladesh::western_sahara:this is for example

If you not like that you say yes or No


W-W-W-WHAT ???
Is it me or my brain can’t understand a word

What is the relation between customer service and countries??

That doesn’t make any sense

I lost half of my brain cells rn

I guess you got some amazing talents

Uhhh uh oh uh umm uhhhhhhhh…

AhmedDM Stopped working

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Ok,NIce Idea (I guess).Since you didn’t make the poll for this Idea,I’ll made it myself.

What do you think of the Idea ?
  • Bad Idea
  • Good Idea
  • Amazing Idea

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Wtf was that

The poll for this idea.

I think we need to figure out what this idea even means before any of us will be able to vote…


I mean the idea

Do you know how to decode this?

Ok,you’re right,my bad.

Do you know how to read this ?


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We don’t need that .__.

Why not?

it means that you can put country flags next to callsign smh
took me only 5 seconds ignoring the confusing sentences to come into a conclusion


people sometimes move to other countries

Only few peoples need to know other people’s country,Most of them seems don’t care about other people’s country.

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the true translations have to be done here

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How did you translate that my man you are a legend

Google Translate -_-

Ability to show you nationaility/country flag next to your callsign. Cool. Sure it works.