Cooldowns for Special Items in CIU

I realized that those special items like missiles, cluster bombs, phrase out… DOES NOT have cooldowns, which will make some players use them for spamming in Multiplayers or speeding up the Quest Milestone way too fast. Cooldowns will make it more balanced

  • Missiles/Mines: 10s
  • Cluster Bombs: 8s
  • Dimensional Phrase Out: 8s
  • Shockwave: 5s
  • Damage Amplifier: 10s

Edit #2:
The cooldown should be applied to multiplayers (Single player would be a nightmare if you fly a 100% diff mission and get in trouble by bunch of elite chickens)


Nice idea to stop players who spam during multiplayer , they suddenly join and use missiles continuously ( and they dont forgive my PC ). but cool down timings are high
so shock waves cool down timing to 0.5
missile : 5 sec
may be better.

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Not making fun of you but it’s named
||Clucker bombs* :nerd:||

( Wtf idk how to make spoiler text)

actually no need for this,
Make this idea applied in multiplayer only
( Only missiles and mines and clucker bombs)

Wise idea. We need it applied in-game ASAP.

  • Add it! (Cooldowns)
  • Don’t add it! (No cooldowns)

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Just adding this poll to make sure IA is convinced that a good enough number of people want that feature applied in-game. Unless most of us would rather the game lagging hardcore on Multiplayer for some reason (which I absolutely doubt). I know the topic reply has more than 10 likes, but still.

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you know you could just do something about the lag itself instead of this potentially far reaching balance change, maybe reduce the amount of explosion effects if they’re spammed quickly


And maybe also purchase a computer/phone with better performance?

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I’d rather not increase spec requirements to solve a semi niche issue like this.

umm , Idea : 'Items that are allowed in multiplayer"
I created this idea to stop players who use missiles.

If you are hosting a mission , you can click on “allowed items” button , then select item which players can use ( satellites , special weapon or lives etc [not spaceship]) , rest items players cannot use and when someone joins you , automatically dont allowed items dismounted from mission config.

if you click on player who host mission , then a button “allowed items” appears bottom of join mission button. by clicking on this button , you can see that which items are allowed and not allowed.

Ya know this is exactly why CIU has the option to limit your FPS, graphics settings, and explosions, so I really don’t see a need for this.
But I do understand how you feel about multiplayer spam

But don’t add cooldowns (in singleplayer at least). In multiplayer “You’re spamming too many special weapons!, Please Stop else you’ll be kicked in %time%”

Or just dont add it

What about “allowed items in multiplayer mode” ?

feature ?

Just remove multiplayer then, ez fix

I play a lot on Multiplayer, so… No.


don’t you know what sarcasm it?

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Yes, don’t sweat it.


No , I also play multiplayer

its ok for dimensional phase outs but missiles mines clucker bombs and all weapons that lag the game or cover the screen no

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