Coolant bug

I juſt diſcovered that when applyïng coolant whilſt flyïng downſide-up, the “coolant applied” meſſage appears above the ſpaceſhip, which is fairly likely to be offscreen. I think it ſhould appear below the ſpaceſhip inſtead in theſe circumſtances.

Alſo, I know I’ve ſaid it before, but the coolant caniſter is quite overpriced.

  • “Overheat” and “Coolant applied” messages now appear directly on top of your spaceship (rather than offset 20 pixels upwards).
  • Reduced price of Coolant Canister to 4 keys / unit.
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Since we’re on that topic, I’d like to mention that weapons still cool down slower with better heat sinks (though only if the weapon isn’t completely overheated).


Hmm… Yes, and no :slight_smile: .

All heat sinks cool down at the same rate – the ones with larger capacity take longer because there’s more stored heat in them. The difference between different heat sinks is only how much heat they can contain.

I don’t know how to fix this. The balance between the heat generation rate and the heat cooldown rate is very precise and very fragile. Even a slight increase in the cooldown rate would cause some weapons to never overheat.

Need to think about this some more.


Perhaps have extra cooling fins as a different addon, but have ſomething elſe that increaſes the overheat as a ſide-effect?

Hmm… I see.

Though we already have some weapons which pretty much never overheat, namely Riddler and Corn Shotgun. Both of which also happen to be in the top 5 regarding damage per second (with Corn Shotgun at #5 just above Vulcan Chaingun and Riddler at #3 somewhere between Laser Cannon and Neutron Gun).
I’m not saying that’s a good thing, of course.

A heat rebalance could be useful. Also if heatsinks would increase cooling, there could be some items that would trade heat for bonuses, though not neccesarily damage. I’m a bit lost on what to do here, so I’m hoping someone will suggest something good/IA will think of something.

Riddler can overheat,though.(yes,even with manual fire.)

I wouldn’t have said that if I haven’t tested it out, you know.

I also wouldn’t have said what I said if I didn’t test it. It probably didn’t overheat for you if you had lag. Even a slightest bit of lag will let it cool down a lot. I noticed that it stops shooting for a brief moment every few seconds or so,and that’s why it doesn’t fill up.

Well, I’m running the game without V-sync so maybe that’s why.

Without should decrease lag. wut

Nah,it doesn’t change a thing. It seems that riddler is just shooting too quickly. But,if you raise the maximum FPS,you won’t receive lag,so you can test the overheat that way.

The thing is… who is gonna consistently click 20 times a second in normal play? Even with that cap it still doesn’t feel good because you gottta click so fazt. But then yes it can be technically overheated.

Use an autoclicker,lol.

I pReFeR tO pLaY nOrMaLlY

ToO bAd FoR yOu

OoF D:

Tested with 125 maximum FPS: riddler - YouTube

Well, I just fiddled around with the FPS cap and it still doesn’t overheat whatsoever. There’s some slight differences but the overheat gauge never even covers a significant portion of the first bar.
I can give you video evidence if you want to (not today though).

Yeah, not really. V-sync introduces input lag but it smooths out the framerate by making it match your monitor’s refresh rate which is why I assumed that that was the case.