Coolant bug


Well,it clearly overheated in that video,even though the fire rate was 20 shots per second. You might still be getting lag,then


Well I’ve got no idea what might even be the nature of this lag since I maxed out the FPS and lowered every single graphical setting I could and it still didn’t change anything.
Oh well ¯\ _(ツ) _/¯


while riddler is able to overheat,there is some other weapon you didn’t mention that can’t overheat:
lightning fryer.


Although uſing manuäl fire with a continuöus fire weapon juſt feels wrong.


It might feel wrong,but at least the weapon is good


I kinda agree with that. Well, regarding automatic weapons, there’s only three that benefit from manual fire on some or all power levels: Photon Swarm, Hypergun and Riddler (then again, you do need an autoclicker for that one).
Using manual fire on continuous beams feels pretty much blasphemous to me, though.

Oh well. It’s early access. We already have one redesigned weapon and more are sure to come. I’ll just wait to see what happens.


I still feel grumpy you need an external program to use a weapon’s full potential.


Then maybe change riddler’s autofire rate to 20 shots per second,and make it overheat as quickly as manual fire does at the moment?


Something like this could work, but considering that the overheat rate is still very slow I’d say it might be a little bit too much.
What I’d do is I’d get rid of the 20/s manual fire rate, keep automatic at 10.2/s but increase damage per hit from 70 to either 130 or 135. This would bring it closer to Vulcan Chaingun and Photon Swarm.

At that point the weapons would have similar damage characteristics but Photon Swarm would be more spread out while Riddler would provide more concentrated firepower.


Even with the very slow overheat it still isn’t OP or anything like that. I don’t think it’s necessary to nerf it. I think that it’s enough to just bring its automatic fire to the level of its current manual fire,so make it shoot 20 times per second and let it overheat slowly.


By the way, you should correct that typo for the coolant hint. “Elimitates”