Contact request shortcut & spacecraft Verseses idea

Attention greetings.

  • contact request shortcut
    Shortcut Use the shortcut method to send a contact request to someone who has written their callsign in a language we do not have or do not know on the keyboard.

    (Note: If that user did not have a callsign, you could not request it. Because even if you could ask them in the search box, you would not know who you added to your contacts.)
  • spacecraft Verseses
    Go to the “spacecraft verses” page. Click on “Start a verses”. Select your ship and click on “Choose an opponent”. Then select your opponent using the ranking and click start. Wait for your opponent to choose his space craft. If he does not answer after 3 days, you will get 5 points. If he answers and chooses, the results will be determined after three days. Other people can go to vote to other matches in spacecraft verses and select the verses you want. And vote for the space craft you like the most. (Note: You can not vote for the verses in which you participate.) The winner will get keys. (Note: He takes the key to the number of votes he received)
    The logo in this section could be something like these two
  1. PicsArt_۰۲-۰۸-۱۱.۳۰.۰۰
  2. PicsArt_۰۲-۰۸-۱۱.۲۶.۲۲
Which one is better?
  • First
  • Second

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First one was already suggested long time ago…


The second one is useless because it doesn’t give any keys :slight_smile:

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Oh man
Thanks for reminding me
I forgot to add the keys


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