Community Idea!

The squad system for now will be mission only, without chats and other features. They might never come, but I propose an alternative. A person (not me because I have no idea how to run one) creates a Discord server, where all Squadrons can come to chat. There will be a general chat and maybe something else, but the main thing would be squad chats. Either with the help of mods or a bot, a user could ask for a squad chat to be created. He then could invite other users in the squad for a private squad chat. To not flood the list of channels, they will be hidden unless invited.
Yeay or neay?

  • Yes, I like.
  • I don’t care.
  • No, I dislike.
  • Yes but different.
  • No but different.

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Why give up so fast?

I would love to have a chat in-game, but IA stated if I remember correctly that it’s low priority, saying that other programs can do it already.
Besides, it can be a temporary thing.

Before thinking about this, you must decide IA to allow us playing multiplayer in game, and your idea will be helpful
But now, it’s useless

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